Album: Heaven in this Hell (2013)


  • That's American musician Jimmy 'Z' Zavala playing the harmonica. He played with Heaven In This Hell producer Dave Stewart's group The Eurythmics for a number of years and his harmonica is featured in their song "Missionary Man." Orianthi recalled to "Dave played me a video of him when he played with the Eurythmics. Jimmy would be so intense on stage that he sometimes needed oxygen after his performance. I told Dave that I wanted him to play on the record. I thought he would be this crazy, hyper guy like he was in the video, but he's calmed down a lot now. It was something like 15 years since he and Dave saw each other. It was a blast having Jimmy on the song."
  • This song started out as an acoustic number that Orianthi wrote with Better Than Ezra's Kevin Griffin in LA, with a rapped verse. She recalled to "When we went to record it, I thought it should be heavier, so I brought out my electric. I went to Dave's studio and cranked it out."


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