Milk Of Regret
by Otep

Album: The Acension (2007)
  • This song is about a girl's feelings about an ex boyfriend. She hates him and can't forget what happened between them when they were together. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Cortney - Grand Junction, CO

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  • Jeffrey from Rosemead, CaCould this song express regret for liking some part of the early abuse (as lotheful it is to me) and then reflecting that confusing irony of innocense stolen and the depths of exploration? A tragedy for sure , but she manages to make a kick ass song to battle its poisons... this surely sets you more free from the abyss.
  • Mike from Evansville, InShe did indeed write this about what her father put her through as a child. Although, like most music, people can interpret it different ways and most of its content could also easily be applied to any domestic abuse one has suffered, whether it be at the hands of a drug-addicted parent or a psycho ex. Nonetheless, this is a truly great song. Very powerful and expressive. I cannot relate to it myself but it gives me deeper empathy for people who can.
  • Chris from Philadelphia, PaThere is no way this is about an ex boyfriend. Anyone who has ever listened to her music/poetry knows its about her dad.
  • Filthee from Crackville, CoActually,I do think it's about her dad.
  • Filthee from Crackville, CoIt may have a little to do with her dad.I always thought it was about her ex girlfriend.
  • Ana from Monroe, AfghanistanI thought it was about her dad Idk thats just my opinion
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