Ozzy Osbourne

Dec. 3, 1948
  • In 1982 in Des Moines, Ozzy had a series of rabies shots after biting the head off a bat that an audience member threw on stage. Osbourne thought it was a fake plastic bat.
  • He was banned from San Antonio in 1982 and arrested for defiling a national monument for urinating on the Alamo. The ban was lifted in 1991 after Ozzy gave $10,000 to the caretakers of the Alamo.
  • When he was 17, he tried to join the army. They wouldn't take him.
  • Ozzy hates Christmas. He thinks it's silly to spend all your money at the end of the year.
  • Pat Boone used to live next door, but moved out. Ozzy thought he was a great neighbor.
  • Ozzy was born as John Michael Osbourne in Aston, Birmingham, England. He was the fourth of six children born to Jack and Lillian Osbourne.
  • When he was young, Ozzy wanted to be a plumber. He was a plumber's apprentice when he was 15.
  • His wife, Sharon, is also his manager. She is the daughter of Don Arden, who managed Ozzy in Black Sabbath. When Ozzy went solo, Sharon bought out his contract from her dad.
  • He went sober in 1991. The drugs he did up to that point would have killed most men - there was a particularly bad spell in 1979 after being ousted from Black Sabbath where Ozzy says he likely would have died had manager Sharon Arden not signed him as a solo artist.
  • He threw meat at the audience on his Diary Of A Madman tour. This led to the bat incident when fans started throwing stuff back.
  • Ozzy has made cameos in a few movies, playing a fundamentalist preacher in the 1987 movie Trick Or Treat, a band manager in The Jerky Boys Movie, and himself in Adam Sandler's Little Nicky. For that movie, he was in the ball that Nicky's mother (Reese Witherspoon) gave him from God for when he was in trouble. Ozzy came out and bit the head off of Nicky's brother who was trying to become the new Devil, thus saving the day. He also had a cameo in Austin Powers: Goldmember. >>
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    Emily - Fairfield, OH
  • He has at least 15 tattoos, including the letters O,Z,Z,Y on the knuckles of his left hand. He made those himself with a needle and a piece of graphite while he was in jail for burglary as a youth.
  • Ozzy had no formal music training and wrote very few of the Black Sabbath songs. His showmanship and distinctive voice made him famous.
  • Former Quiet Riot guitarist Randy Rhoads joined Ozzy when he went solo in 1980. Rhoads died two years later in Florida when he went up in a small plane and the pilot started buzzing Ozzy's tour bus. On the third pass, the wing hit the bus and the plane crashed into a nearby house, killing Rhoads, the pilot, and the tour hairdresser. Rhoads was 25.
  • In 2002, MTV did a show based on his home life. Sharon Osbourne invited them to do it after they did a segment on their house for MTV Cribs.
  • Before his show on MTV, a website created an internet sitcom based on his life. Titled Ozzy And Harriet, it was a spoof of the '50s TV show.
  • In late 2003, Sharon admitted that in the early 1980s, she cheated on Ozzy with his guitarist, Randy Rhoads, although she had sex with him only once. She said she did it when she and Ozzy weren't communicating, and that Ozzy knew, but hated discussing it, and that they both cried whenever talking about Randy. Around the same time, Ozzy admitted that he was molested at age 11 by two boys who used to wait for him to come home from school: "They felt me and touched me and... it was terrible. I was afraid to tell my father or mother."
  • He credits Sharon with saving his life and keeping him on track - he's often professed his devotion for her and their children. "She pushed me when I needed it," Ozzy said. "She yelled at me when I needed it. At the time I didn't think I wanted to be yelled at, but in the long run, you got to get off your butt and you got to get to what you're here to do."
  • According to the Motley Crue biography The Dirt, on one of the Ozzy's tours, Motley Crue was the opening acts for the shows. While standing outside, Ozzy peed on the pavement. He then got down on all fours and lapped up the pee like a dog. He then told Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue bassist) to pee on the pavement and lick it up just as he did. Nikki peed on the ground and got down and just as he stuck his tongue out, Ozzy beat him to it.. Nikki was shocked. Then Ozzy took a straw out of someone's drink and saw some ants. He bent down to the ground and snorted the ants right up like a fancy drug. >>
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  • He collects Victorian art.
  • Ozzy worked at a slaughterhouse for three years as a youth, where he "was figuring out all these different ways to kill these animals." There, he started drinking ox and pig blood. He said it was very easy: "You kinda stick a knife in there and hold out your cup." He then "got into the habit and started drinking it rather frequently." There is an Ozzy T-shirt which spoofs the "Got Milk?" commercials with the line "Got Blood?" >>
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  • Zakk Wylde heard Ozzy was going to have a guitar audition on Howard Stern's radio show. Zakk got the job. >>
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    John - Oslo, Norway
  • When they were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame, Ozzy mooned the crowd because he felt they weren't enjoying the band as much as they should. Iommi: "I've seen Ozzy's arse more times than I've seen my own!"
  • Ozzy's wife and manager Sharon organized Ozzfest in 1996 when Lollapalooza refused to book Ozzy.
  • In 2009 Ozzy announced that he was looking for a new guitarists. Relations with Zakk Wylde were good, but Ozzy said his songs were beginning to sound a bit like Zakk's Black Label Society.
  • Ozzy's single "Let Me Hear You Scream" appeared on the April 14, 2010 episode of CSI: NY.
  • In March of 2002, MTV aired the first episode of The Osbournes, a reality show following Ozzy and his family. It broke records for the most-watched MTV show.
  • He met the other members of Black Sabbath when he posted an advertisement in a music store that simply said "Ozzy Zig Needs Gig- has own PA"
  • Ozzy's first solo album, 1980's Blizzard of Ozz, went multi-platinum. It contained the classic single Crazy Train.
  • In May 2005 Ozzy was diagnosed with Parkin Syndrome, a genetic condition that produces tremors and other Parkinson's-like symptoms.
  • Now for another rumor, which sounds fake, but isn't: Ozzy really did get his genes sequenced by Knome, Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts, get his health profile and find out how he could still be alive after all those drugs. The story, along with TEDMED video, here. Bottom line: geneticist Nathaniel Pearson actually found genes in Ozzy's DNA that might allow him to metabolize substances differently than other people. That's right: Ozzy has a mutant superpower.
  • Ozzy took 19 goes to pass his driving test.
  • Ozzy Osbourne was going to play Kylie Minogue's fairy in Baz Luhrmann's movie extravaganza Moulin Rouge! (yes, really!) However, his part was reduced to a single angry scream.
  • Ozzy is dyslexic and has attention-deficit disorder - he says he can't sit still for more than five minutes. Rock star is a good profession for him, as an office job or factory work would have been unbearable.
  • His father was a straight-laced, responsible factory worker who worked the night shift. He saved enough money to buy Ozzy a PA system and microphone, which got him gigs because he was the only singer around with that equipment.

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  • Frank from Gouldsboro, PaI grew up listening to Black Sabbath. One of a kind. Love 'em..And Randy was a cool guitarist. Cray Train is definitely one of my favorites. I've been playing guitar since 1972... It took me about 10 minutes to learn 'Crazy Train' note for note. Randy was a talented guy. Put his heart into it. Hendrix, came onto the scene in rock-n-roll's beginnings. Jimi was an innovator. Within his 3 years of superstardom, he left the world music that was never heard before. It's not about the "stars-n-stripes", if you're referring to his version of our National Anthem. That too was original for it's time. Jimi laid down the roots of exploring what can be done. Randy was a great guitarist, but putting him on a pedestal, that isn't his place. If you totally disagree with what I wrote, you have that right. But believe me when I tell you, I know what I'm talking about.
  • Sara from Temple, TxOzzy Osbourne IS the GOD of rock!!! Nobody will ever match what he has done.If there was'nt Ozzy, more than half the bands out today would'nt be here. He just turned 60 and is still going. long live Ozzy!!!! Long live The Prince Of Darkness!!!
  • Robert from Atlanta, GaOzzy is number 1, better than Slipknot and Marilynn Manson!
  • Nicky from Somewhere, OnOzzy is the best! i totally worship him! He has awsome songs..i never really listened to him in Black Sabbath but him going solo- he is my favourite! He has a very distinctive voice and you cannot describe it. Personally love the songs Road to Nowhere and See You On The Other Side. Listen to him all the time when i'm angry and my anger just disapears!
  • Heather from Salem, MoThe song mama im coming home reminds me of me and my mom. I LOVE YOU OZZY SO MUCH!!! you write kick ass songs.
  • Holly from Argentina, OhI love Ozzy and wish i had the chance to go to Ozzfest (parentals won't allow). I have been told many times I look like Ozzy. I worship the guy. He's freaking awesome!!!!!!!
  • Jeff from Glendale, AzHey Alena, Elvis was the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Ozzy is just a lot better.
  • Jake from Rolla, MoI love Ozzy so much I had his name tattooed on my right arm
  • Alena from Rangely, CoI love Ozzy!! He is the King of Rock-n-Roll, and will be forever! They just don't make music like that anymore!!!

  • Jonathon from Clermont, FlThe pilot buzzed Ozzy's tour bus to scare his ex-wife, who was also part of Ozzy's road crew. Anyway, it's sad, because Randy was pretty much the man when it comes to guitar.
  • D from Somewhere, FlRandy Rhoades was the best guitarist of all time in my opinion. A tragedy that he died, would've been awesome to meet him.
  • Chris from St. Louis, MoThe one thing that everyone must always base their opinions of Ozzy and Randy and Jake and Zakk and Tony and all the others over the years that have had the privaledge of performing with Ozzy is this: Stars come and go. They're born out of seemingly nothingness, burn bright and furious, then fade away into the memories of the fans who loved them. However, in the case of Ozzy and Randy, that is THE ONLY EXCEPTION to that universal rule. They represent the stars that never die and will burn brighter and brighter regardless of all the others that come and go. I am just happy that I was able to see and be a part of the magic that takes place at Ozzy's shows. A sad day for us all when its his time to go. Long Live The Ozman!
  • Villian from Coshocton, OhRandy Rhoads.., this is true..jimmy hendrix..lol when it comes to guitar playing or writting ..I can tell you it was phrasing'' that made his style different .. how ever there really isnt that much to hendrixxxxz,lol... i drug indusezd version of the old red white and blue ..lol.. what a joke eat some acid and my dog can play that good..gezzz come on Rhoads could create a riff that would sound like ...WOW...and youd think hnmm.. simple to play..yea ,,,ok,,, try some o' them leads ...now think Rhoads was a talent not seen today ...when it comes to creation and feeling his own style and talen has passed with him for sure... I am 31 years old .. been leaning guitar since I was 13 started lessons from a preacher chord,, such.. then all the block headed scales.. then spead..and style...i can play all of Rhoads published music note for note... but almost 20 years and i have to say it was a direct insult to say that Rhoads could have been the next jimmzy hendrixz,,, gezz you either dont know, or dont understand but many can tell you RANDY RHOADS still is the best ....yea the other guy was right at least know how to spell his name thats an insult aswell...!!! villian..from ohio Sacrifial Black tm. long live the legend...RHOADS
  • Rob from Massapeqa, Nyozzys the greatest
  • Danny from Sydney, AustraliaDead...set...legend.
  • Joel from Cedar Springs, MiRandy started Quiet Riot when he was 16 they traded a speker cabinet for his creme colored les paul custom. His polka-dot flying v is a Karl Sandoval not a Gibson or a Jackson. His 2 offset v's are Jackson not Charvel. He reused alot of his material, like Dee, Goodbye to Romance, and Suicide Solution are all in Laughing gas. He became Ozzy's guitarist just by tuning and warm-ups. Randy was scared of flying so it's weird why he got on the plane. After he died they found sheet music and a tape recorder on the bus where he stayed, so he might of been learning something new. Randy is a god to me, my music style look and sound is all based on him. I'm only 16 so I wasn't alive then but I would give my life for Randy to be alive. I think Randy was the greatest guitarist of all time , just listen to Suicide Solution live and Laughing Gas live. I hope this information helps. ALL HAIL RANDY.
  • James from Windsor, CaI love Ozzy. I owe the success of one of my first dates to Ozzy coming on the radio. We both sang our hearts out and then had the greatest time. Too bad she didn't want to jump on the crazy train with me in the weeks to follow!
  • Mike from Dallas, TxIve been saying since about 1973 when i first heard ozzy which opened my world to music ozzy for president, i even had the 1st led zepplin album and i couldnt even tell you what happened to that record but when i heard black sabbath i had to get mt 1st stereo, long story short ozzy is the s--t
  • Cat from Lincolnton, NcYou know whats really cool? Ozzy and me both share the same birth date (except the year)December 3.
  • Murphy from Portland, MeOzzy has and always will rock. I have seen him in concert many times and have enjoyed almost all of his shows. He and Black Sabbath have lost a little of their luster though, and who wouldn't after all these years. I had the pleasure of being backstage at OzzFest three out of the last four tours and last year was a new low. Judas Preist played their first live performance with Halford back at vocals in Hartford Conn. and the show was incredible. Black Sabbath took the stage following Priest and by the fourth song most of the arena had emptied. Ozzy missed a lot of lyrics and Iommi was all over the place with his licks. I hope the lesson has been learned and this years OzzFest is a return to greatness.
  • Dylan Fitch from Marine City, Mirandy rhoads was awsome and thats why i am angry at all of the tanlentless guitar players that hog the spotlight like avril lavigne.
  • SÃ?ren from Horsens, DenmarkOn the ´85 tour, Ozzy used Mötley Crüe as warnup. They all went on a riot, terrorising the streets, and all of the security, not the mention the managers. The incident with the ants were on this tour, he did it because him and Nikki Sixx had snorted all the drug, and he had to get a kick. The same day Ozzy stole a old womans purse, which had a dress inside it. Ozzy wore this dress for a week, also during the show. One day Ozzy and Vince Neil stole a car, and ran up an down the sidewalks, until they crashed it into a telephone pole. Nikki and Ozzy also had a contest, of whom could lick up the other guys piss fastest. Now, those were the days!!!!!
  • John from Oslo, NorwayYup, Ozzys favorite band is Beatles.The Beatles were Black sabbaths idols.In the start they wanted to play like the Beatles.
  • Ray from Portland, RiOzzy's favorite band is... the BEATLES.
  • Jason from Richmond Hills, GaMany of you guys are referring to Randy as Randy "Rhodes" his name is actually Randy RHOADS.
  • John from Oslo, NorwayI dont doubt that randy was a new Hendrix.Randy still rocks on.
  • Thad from Ruston, WaYeah. Randy was the original guitarist for Qiuet Riot when they formed in ?75, Rudy Sarzo was in Qiuet Riot both before and after his stint with Ozzy (he plays for Dio now), and Robert Trujillo was in Suicidal Tendencies before playing for Ozzy. Jake E. Lee was in the original lineup of Rough Cutt (I actually saw this lineup live on fine night?), though Ozzy was indeed his big break. Ozzy does indeed rock (was better with Sabbath, though), and he?s had more than his fair share of great musicians playing with him.
  • John from Oslo, NorwayAnd for everyone to know ozzy and randy ROCKS!!!
  • John from Oslo, NorwayThe sadest thing was that the pilot(eyecock) had blowd cocaine before they went up.I think that eyecock were the stupidest man on earth. Its way to bad that Randy died.
  • Legacy User from Legacy LocationRandy rhoads is my favorite guitarist and i base my style in playng guitar entirly on him! i have the consert live & loud on dvd and watch it every time i play my guitar.if he was still alive i would be on my knees licking his balls and worshiping him! he was the craziest guitar player ever! i would kill for a guitar lesson with him! also why did the pilot buzz ozzys tour bus
  • Emily from Fairfield, OhOzzy has always been great and always will be! His style has changed over the years but in my opinion all of his stuff is good. And his kids may have a few problems but seriously what kids that age dont have problems?
  • Seth from Hebron, KyOzzy has upstarted a lot of player's career's. Mike Inez who played on the No More Tears album eventually became bassist for Alice In Chains. The bassist for Ozzy during the Down To Earth tour was Robert Trujillo who is now bassist for Metallica. Zakk Wylde, Randy Rhoads and Jake E Lee are legendary guitarist in their own right.
  • Robbie from Placentia, CaSharon had an affair with Randy Rhodes, but Ozzy forgave her
  • John from Philadelphia, PaHell yeah, Ozzy was good when he was with Black Sabbath, but not really anymore. And Randy Rhodes was amazing.
  • Daniel from Cape Breton, CanadaIt was a sin that Randy Rhodes died. He was AMAZING! Maybe he would have been another Hendrix
  • Lee from Joplin Mo., MoI didnt know that Randy Rhoads was in Quiet Riot. I thought that Rudy Sarso the bass player was in Quiet riot after serving with the Ozman.
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