Shot In The Dark

Album: The Ultimate Sin (1986)
Charted: 20 68


  • A "shot in the dark" is a long shot - something put forth that's not likely to happen. In this case, though, it's more literal, with Ozzy in deranged stalker mode. He's the "shot in the dark," creeping up to strike when you least expect it. He's just waiting for the voices in his head to give the good word.
  • Songwriting credits on this one are shared between Ozzy and his bass player, Phil Soussan, who was with him just for The Ultimate Sin album. Soussan had written the song years earlier.
  • The title is a reference to the 1964 Pink Panther film A Shot In The Dark, which is about a bumbling detective. Phil Soussan, who is British, is a big fan of the Pink Panther series and says the original lyrics had more to do with the film. Ozzy changed them to be much more nefarious.
  • Ozzy's guitarist at the time was Jake E. Lee. He would leave after The Ultimate Sin album, replaced by Zakk Wylde.
  • Released five years into his solo career, "Shot In The Dark" is one of Ozzy's biggest hits. The lyrics are rather dark, but musically it has tremendous pop appeal, with a slick guitar sound and tight chorus.
  • The video was directed by Andy Morahan, whose credits include Guns N' Roses' November Rain and several George Michael videos, including "Faith." In the video, Ozzy uses his powers to possess a girl who comes to his concert - the actress was a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Rams. Dweezil Zappa plays one of the male concertgoers.

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  • Boydsixxx from ThereDo any know or have meet MS gray she made a lot for the ozz in his self appointed start ..miss Julie we love u
  • Austyn from New … Extremely Rare Original Official Music Video. Released (19AWESOME86) "OZZY". This is the Real Deal how it aired on, MTV. When the M stood for, "Music"
  • Jodie from XxPhil Soussan also wrote these lyrics.
  • Wiccanize from SydneyJosh - Detroit, Mi
    I have Bob Daisley's Autobiography and he lists that he played on the first 3 Ozzy Osbourne albums and No Rest for the Wicked and No More Tears. I have met and talked to him and had my copy signed and told me Rudy Sarzo toured for the 2nd album not himself. He did not play on the Ultimate Sin but did some writing for it. Phil Soussan played bass on the album.
  • Spanky from Knoxville, TnTo help clear up who the girl was, there are two girls in the video. The girl with the longer curly hair is Julie Grey,
    she was the Rams cheerleader. Paolo may be referring to the other girl with short, straight hair. She seems more like the
    star of the video.
  • Phil from Hollywood, CaYou guys are a little off the mark!
    Paulo-The girl in the video was a cheerleader for the LA Rams and her name was Julie Gray.
    Lori- Jake DID play on the Ultimate Sin, and Josh; I, not Bob Daisley, was the bass player on this 4th studio album,
    Lester- Dweezil appears in the SITD video in the crowd but not in the car (his is standing in front of Beth; Vince Neil's ex wife)
    The pulled artwork never made it to an actual album cover proof - although it is true that the label made us have it repainted for the reasons above mentioned by Terry
    The song is not about that Chapman asshole, it is not about someone who can't stop killing - what is it about? hmmm..... well it is metaphorical for someone who wants to change , he wants to end what has been and start from new but only has so much control! Literally, he turns his back on what has been his life! Confused? I hope this has been interesting!
    Oh.. and I just released my own cover for this song with a video to follow shortly ! Stay in touch with me at
    Rock On! - Phil
  • Paulo from Philadelphia, PaOkay first the girl on the video she never was a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Rams. I know her ..her name is Kris., she is psychologist today on Philadelphia -PA . .the time of this video her and her friends had a a little group called "no shame " , this group was only compost of girls like her.. she was the singer of this group....I saw her pictures and the player was Jake E. Lee. " her friend ". I know her from Usa on the time that had lived there .She still very pretty woman and smart .. I was looking for this video when i read this comment.... sorry friend but I am sure what I am writing about well
  • Crazyc63312 from Pittsburgh, PaLori-you may have a BOOTLEG!!!!! :O
  • Diverdriver from Petaluma, CaJust listen to the guitar playing. It is Jake E. Lee, no doubt. I don't care what the liner notes say, it's his style of playing.
  • Christian from Oslo, Norwayregarding the liner notes, Ozzy himself has said that he doesn't deal with the business part, he "only" performs and records albums... so my guess is that Sharon's the one to "blame" for the false credits on the albums...
  • Boris from Sofia, BulgariaI think it is a song about how close a normal person can go to killing even though it's the last thing on his mind...
  • Andrew from Mackinaw, Ili always thought this song was about a stalker
  • Josh from Detroit, MiWhile I'm not sure if Dweezil really played on it, you really can't go based on the liner notes. Ozzy and Sharon have lied on MANY albums. Examples include saying that Rudy Sarzo played on Diary Of A Madman, and Mike Inez played on No More Tears(Bob Daisley played bass on the first five Ozzy albums).
  • Lester from New York City, NyDweezil is in the video as one of the kids in the car.
  • Jon from Courtice, Canadaits about David mark Chapman and what he was thinking wen he shot lennon
  • Damir Hrgetic from Pula, CroatiaThere is no mention of Dweezil Zappa in any of the album's liner notes, especially not stating that he played on any songs on this album. I have both original and remastered edition of "The Ultimate Sin", so I have checked this.
  • Akim from La, Caits about mark david chapman the guy who killed lennon
  • Graham from Boone, NcI think it's about a man who works as an assian but begins to feel bad about it ("Paid for the kill but it doesn't seem right") perhaps it's a relgious killing ("Taught by the powers that preach over me") he leaves them perhaps by reading another relgions book ("I opened up my mind to treason")

    In the end he's on the run but he's not afraid of them ("Never a care for the people who hate, underestimate me now)
  • Joel from Columbia, ScNot the best song for budding serial killers to listen to. LOL
  • Myrna Maria from Tegucigalpa, HondurasThis classic of The Ozz is covered in a really original way by the finnish melodic-death metal band Children of Bodom.
  • Lori from Grand Rapids, MiDweezil Zappa was the guitarist on this track, not Jake E. Lee. Check the liner notes.
  • Ravyn from Hell, NyThis song is about a guy who has voices in his head that tell him to kill the people that hate him, but he has not a clue why.
  • Bruce from East Jordan, Mitotally sweet song
  • Michael Picard from Lapwai, IdI love the guitar on this song
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