Album: Person Pitch (2007)


  • Noah Lennox, who records under the name of Panda Bear, is an experimental musician and a founding member of Animal Collective. This song was the foundation of his fourth solo album, Tomboy, which released on April 12,2011. He explained why to Spinner UK: "That was the stepping stone for all the Tomboy songs. That was the one song that is strange because it sticks out like a sore thumb on that album," he says. "It was the song that I came back to a lot, and was always in my head, even long after the album was over. It was the song that I always wanted to play live. There was something almost embarrassing about the lyrical content of it that I liked. It felt really exposed in a way that was really uncomfortable but there was a power to it that I really liked. I wanted to keep going in that direction both lyrically and as far as it being a guitar song."


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