But It's Better If You Do

Album: A Fever You Can't Sweat Out (2005)
Charted: 23
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  • This song is about a man who goes to a strip club to help him get over a girl. While there, he realizes that this isn't what he wants, and what he really wants is the girl: "Well, I may have faked it, and I wouldn't be caught dead in this place." He recognizes that the girl is playing hard-to-get ("Isn't this exactly where you want me... praying for love in a lapdance") and doesn't like it. >>
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    Allister - United States
  • The title comes from the movie Closer, where Natalie Portman's character says, "Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off, but it's better if you do." This line also inspired the title of Panic At The Disco's song, "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off." >>
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    Rachel - South Point, OH

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  • Mathe from Oslo, NorwayReally catchy song.
  • Marissa from Akron, OhWhat's up with all the metalheads hating on this song and P!ATD in general? I love metal and I love Panic! At the Disco, for different reasons. Just because they're different doesn't mean one is music and one is not.
  • Kirstin from San Diego, Cai love this song and the music video to this is awesome check it out if you can!
  • Brittany from Townsville, AustraliaI havent seen the clip yet but my friend said its awsome!!! I also think this is one of the best Panic! at the disco songs in the world as well as Camisado, Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off, I write sins not tragedies and Build God, Then we'll talk!
  • Randi from Culpeper Killed Superman, VaHe's looking for someone to love other than his girlfriend cause he THINKS he can find someone better than her- "Now I'm of consenting age to be forgetting you in a cabaret.
    Somewhere downtown where a burlesque queen may even ask my name"
    And then he basically says she pushed him to cheat or look for some one else- "And isn't this exactly where you'd like me
    I'm exactly where you'd like me, you know
    Praying for love in a lap dance and paying in naivete"
    At the end of this song he's pretty much saying he was wrong that the girl he's with is the right girl and he was stupid for looking else where "Well, I'm afraid that I
    Well, that's right, well I may have faked it
    And I wouldn't be caught dead in this place"
  • Marie from Chicago, Ili love this song for the meaning behind it. its talking about how when people have sex like that, they just want love but end up losing their innocence. "playing for love and paying in naivete" and that you can't get any love from a life like this. "wheres the love in a lap dance?"
  • Kayla from Port Orcard, WaThis song is one of my favorites.
  • Patrick from Humboldt, IaI guess I don't like where music is going then. Cause these guys sound exactly like Fallout Boy. So does everybody else.
  • Samantha from Corby, Englandalthough the song is called 'but its better if you do' .
  • Samantha from Corby, Englandvideo - AMAZING !!! song - AMAZING !!! band - AMAZING!!! so yeah ther pretty muchamzing overall wayy love them ! :] ! xo
  • Benn from TorontoThese guys are amazing
    and for those of you who insult them and say listen to some real music - I do.
    I've got CDs from those Harder sounding bands you mentioned. This is just where music is evolving to now. AVA and other great bands like Coheed and Cambria and Dashboard Confessional are what music is today.
    It is important to remember those great ones like Rush though and so i do. The Classics are just as important as this new and amazing stuff!
  • Ace from Heavy Metal, InWhat the hell is your kids problem who listen to this worthless poop for music.....all this emo and punk music blows it belongs on mars...listen to some reall music
  • Michael from Greenwood, InThis band makes me wanna shoot myself in the face... i wish some of you would listen to real musicians like Pantera, metallica, blacck label society, iron maiden
  • Matt Sangster from Niantic, CtPanic! at the disco can suck my left testicle and call it snappy for all i care. they are the most musically inept "band" in the world.
  • Tom from East Lyme, CtPanic! at the disco sucks, and has the worst band name in history, everyone who listens to this band should get a life and get into some good music, like Led Zeppelin, Rush, the who, etc.
  • Rachel from South Point, OhThe video can be found at www.friendsorenemies.com ! Great song.
  • Ace from Las Vegas, NvThe song title on the CD is But It's Better If You Do. The two song titles that make up a quote from the movie closer are "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off..." and "But It's Better If You Do"
    P!ATD kicks major ass, i love this band.
  • Vicky from Cincinnati, OhAbout the faking . . .

    Is he faking the enjoyment or an orgie?
  • Allister from ..., NyOn the CD, the song is called But It's Better When We Do. Promise.
  • Niz from Mineral Wells, Txthe song is called but its better if you do...
    if you've ever seen the movie closer there's a line in there about how lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off. But it's better if you do.
  • Leuty from London, Europeyeah the vid is quite good its on loads of music channels
  • Allister from ..., NyHow did you find the video? I haven't seen it...but then again, I'm a little out.
  • Jordan from Paola, KsThe Video is the best ever! I like when they both discover their true identies during the lap dance scene!
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