Folkin' Around

Album: Pretty. Odd (2008)
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  • This playful number was written by frontman Brendon Urie. Guitarist Ryan Ross admitted to VH1: "I really like that song from a lyrical standpoint. I didn't really get it the first two times. Once I paid attention to the first line, the part that says, 'Allow me to exaggerate a memory or two,' after that I was like, 'Oh, all these lyrics are cliché on purpose. And then it totally made sense. He outsmarted me." Urie added: "It was supposed to be just a really simple number with words that are easily associated but not difficult. Very classic, nostalgic words."

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  • Sylvester from Alexandria, VaIt's pretty clear to me that this song, like several others by P!ATD, is about prostitution, despite its cheery melody. And the song's title, paronomastic as it is, isn't just meaningless fluff. A working girl, by chance, has reconnected with a childhood friend, maybe an old boyfriend, as one of her clients. The first two stanzas are from his perspective, the last two hers. The girl hates or antagonizes men, for whatever reason, and in any case has an odd relationship with them -- she beds them, using "love" as a weapon to defeat them and put them to sleep -- but at the same time, she's terrified she'll never find love of her own. And this old acquaintance of hers stumbles upon her, reminds her of how things used to be, puts off the mood by mentioning her father, and commenting on how her technique, shall we say, has improved. She puts on a show for him, just for him, but when he falls asleep satisfied, she's alone with her thoughts again. And she's scared.
  • Carrie from Timaru, New ZealandThis song is just beautiful,, Brendon's voice is just perfection and the lyrics are fantastic. Oh by the way Ellen from Australia, Brendon being funny becaus he name Folkin' Around is a censored version of F**kin' Around. Get it now?
  • Aldy from Posadas, ArgentinaI love this song...but it makes me a little sad...reminds me of my old friends, the ones that i don't see anymore
  • Alex from Pompton Plains, NjI love this song Brendan really proved himself on this one form a writing standpoint. It just shows how much balance the band has. His voice might be my favorite part of the whole song, you know when it's Brendan singing and that's what i love about Panic
  • Ellen from Sydney, AustraliaHey everyone, could someone explain this song in a little more detail please??!!! i still son't get it! How is Brendon being funny????
  • Lexa from Plantation, FlI finally got that Folkin' is a censored version of well, you know....
    I really like Brendon Urie's sense of humor in this song,
    - All the wrong you've done.
  • Bianca Sanchez from Alburquerque, NmGreat great song! I Love it!
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