From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins

Album: Pretty. Odd (2008)
  • Bassist John Walker told VH1: "It's like the outro to the whole theme of the record. It isn't the last song. In my eyes at least, it kind of feels like the ending. A winding down."
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  • Ollie from Point Place, WiEllen, you are right. They would certainly cause a Panic at the Tea Party.
  • Carrie from Timaru, New ZealandEllen from Australia, we hate you!! Ahah just joking, but seriously, open your eyes.
  • Clb from A Place, VaAt first, I wasn't ahppy with their new album, I missed their old album's style of music. But I respect the band more now, because it shows that they are talented in more than one style of music, and like Leyna said, it shows that they are versatile
  • Elicia from Zanesville, OhEllen, since when does the name of a band have anything to do with the type of song it plays?

    Plus, do really expect these lovely gentleman to play a disco song? Really, I think that just shows that you're not a true Panic! fan.
  • Leyna from Sp, - -I don't exactly hear them playing disco hits, Ellen.
    This is one of my favourite songs on the album- it shows just how versatile they are. It's also a gorgeous little tune!
  • Ellen from Sydney, Australia... oh, come on guys, You are Panic at the DISCO, not Panic at the TEA PARTY!!!!
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