Album: Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! (2013)


  • This tune was penned by Panic's singer Brendon Urie about coming between a bisexual girl and her girlfriend. The accompanying video was inspired by D'Angelo's controversial clip for "Untitled (How Does it Feel?)," which consists entirely of one shot featuring the naked soul singer lip-synching to the track. "'Girls/Girls/Boys' is such a racy song that it immediately made me think of one of the sexiest videos of all time," said Urie.
  • Panic's video is nearly an exact replica of D'Angelo's as a camera lingers down Urie's torso while he sings the song. "It was a conscious thing; when we were coming up with ideas, I made it a point to say that. Like,'I've always wanted to re-create the D'Angelo video, almost spoof it,'" he told MTV News. "And everyone was like 'Yeah, we're on board,' and I was like 'Really?!?' Because I've always loved that video, I think it's great."
  • Brendon Urie came out as pansexual in 2018. He explained in the same interview that this song is about his first threesome when he was in his mid-teens.

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  • Dante from Pansexualityif you don't like the song then don't listen to it, simple as that. He isn't sexualizing bi girls, he's just telling you his experience, and if you don't like that then leave bro. Everyone who acted in the threesome was clearly consensual because ten he wouldn't be making a song about it now, would he? This song is to just show love is love, brendon himself is apart of the lgbtq+ community, so it wouldn't make sense for him to sexualize bi women. Everyone is reading wayy too into this song, again, its just about a simple threesome.
  • Bisexual Gurl from NowhereI honestly never knew it was about this ;-; but I still love the lyrics GIRLS LIKE GIRLS AND BOYS cause they are awsome but I don’t know how any of that means what is means and some of lyrics are good like love is not a choice
  • Bisexual from The ClosetThis song never sat right with me, and it genuinely makes me uncomfortable that a song written about bisexuality is enforcing MULTIPLE different gross stereotypes. It's (seemingly, from the lyrics) about a closeted bisexual girl who is dating both a woman and a man (problematic #1) and she can't choose between them (problematic #2). In the background of the chorus, he's saying manipulation. I don't know what he meant by that, but it can't be good (problematic #3). This song is also way over-sexualizing bi women (problematic #4) and enforcing the idea that bisexuals want to have threesome/polyamorous relationships (problematic #5). Also, the idea that coming out as bisexual will ruin someone's reputation (problematic #6). And it obviously about sexuality, not something fans turned into a 'gay anthem'. The lyrics explicitly say 'Love is not a choice'. These stereotypes are the reason I refuse to come out of the closet, and whether he meant to or not, he encouraged them with this song. I don't want my identity to be sexualized. I love P!ATD, but this song seriously broke my heart and made me cry.
  • Delaney I am bisexual and a fan of this song, but at the same time, I get why people are so upset about it. It’s not even really Brendon’s fault, it’s just how some fans interpreted it. It’s about Brendon’s threesome but people turned it into a bi anthem. If it is for you, great. If not, that’s ok too. What people are mad about is that it puts a stigma on bi people that they will have threesomes and that’s not ok. A) people of any sexual orientation have had them and B) not every person of one part of the community, hell not every person in general, has threesomes. Simple as that.
  • Dori from Gay TownTo anyone who might be curious as to why people are upset about this song, it’s because it’s taken as a bi anthem when it’s about sex. Sexualization of bi people and the whole “bi people will have threesomes” thing has been a huge problem within the community
  • Harlimo from Little Town I love this song and so what if it was about Brendon’s threesome music is heard differently by everyone if it helped people through something than why does it matter what it was originally about
  • Hayden from FloridaUmm the songs isn’t about coming between a bi girl and her gf, it’s litteraly about brendons first threesome and it got turned into a gay anthem by fans. Brendon thought it was a better message so that’s what the song means now.
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