Album: Batman: Arkham City: The Album (2011)


  • When Panic! At The Disco were approached by the people behind the Batman Arkham City video game to contribute a song to the soundtrack, singer Brendon Urie was thrilled. Having been a big fan of the previous Batman game, Arkham Asylum, Urie told Kerrang!, he was "all excited" and "like a little kid."
  • Urie explained to Kerrang! what the track is about: "It's just kind of a story of the travels of one person and his willingness to be destructive, and in a sense it could very well fit with the story of a vigilante like Batman."
  • The song was something the Panic! pair already had up their sleeve but was adapted for the Batman soundtrack. Said Urie to Kerrang!: "The bridge of the track has a talking part and it never rally worked out (for our own album). The people creating this album then added their dialogue to the song and we fell in love (with it) again. It now features Hugo Strange talking to Bruce Wayne and threatening him and giving him an ultimatum. We listened to it and I thought that was pretty badass!"


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