As Far as I Remember

Album: The Connection (2012)
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  • Papa Roach close their eighth studio album, The Connection, with this electronic track. Guitarist Jerry Hortom explained to Altsounds how the song's vibe was inspired by Nine Inch Nails. "I was listening to all the songs we had," he said, "and I was thinking that the record could really use something kind of dark but also vibey. I had a Nine Inch Nails song in my head and that was sort of an inspiration for it - we wanted any new slow songs to be more vibe and less ballad. And I love on that first Nine Inch Nails record there was that one song that sort of put you in a trance, but the vocals were really close and very personal and that was the sort of the vibe I imagined for the beginning of it. After I made it I consulted Tobin (Esperance, bassist & programmer) and played it for Jacoby (Shaddix, vocalist)," Shaddix continued. "and he liked it, but we were working on other stuff and then it came a time towards the end of the cycle and I said, 'Let's not let this one get away.' So I gave it to Tobin and he added his flavor, or as we say, 'Put his stank on it.' Later we gave it to Jacoby and he came up with the perfect lyrics to sum the vibe up in that song. The way I imagined that song visually was that it was like in a movie where somebody is in this huge brawl and then it's sunrise and they are walking down a road or whatever."


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