Carry Me

Album: Metamorphosis (2009)


  • Frontman Jacoby Shaddix told Kerrang! magazine April 4, 2009 that he is, "a spiritual being. I'm always trying to grow spiritually." He added that this song, "is about my struggle between using God as my higher power and using drugs and alcohol as my higher power."
  • One of the lyrics on this song is "The hardest ones to love are the ones that need it most." Shaddix told Kerrang! that he considers the line to be a "stand out moment." He explained: "For me it's all about growth. Ultimately, I have to learn how to love those people who have done me wrong or crossed me, to progress as a person and that's harder than a motherf---er."

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  • Blane from Pocola, Oki just started listening to papa roach after i saw the lifeline video and now i love them! i love this song!
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