Decompression Period

Album: Lovehatetragedy (2002)
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  • This song was written while the band was touring on the 2001 Ozzfest. They used a spare bus to record tracks between tour stops. It is about the pressure that comes with being in a band and touring.
  • The title is a SCUBA reference. Divers need to "decompress" when they return to the surface. It is a metaphor for returning to normal after being under pressure.
  • The album was produced by Brendan O'Brien, who has worked with Pearl Jam and Rage Against The Machine.
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Comments: 3

  • Hannah from London, United Kingdomok fair enough people that's what u think and clearly u guys dont listen to Rock; the only type of music that has been around for generations and infact if it wasn't the new computers (that came out about the 70's/80's) then there's a good chance that we all still be listening to rock music but the point is just because u don't something or agree with something doesn't mean that u have really out bout it *hint to a certain comment but not saying which one* and they make songs like this becuase it suits the people that listen to it who might feel the same way or feel that this music shows how they're because they cant get out their emotions . So end of story i like rock i understand it if you dont like/understand it then ok fine but dont be out bout it :}
  • Tim from Pittsburgh, PaWhat can be considered original? Let's see you write a song about a sensitive issue.
  • John from Greeneville, TnActually just another sad bastard song that just keeps telling the same tales over and over again. They either want to kill themselves or their mothers. Or they're sad or depressed and can't come down because they can't get up and they were deprived children or ignored adults and they blah blah blah and so and on and on and on. Stop it already!

    Some need to get a grip and do something that might be hard to comprehend - something original.
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