Album: Who Do You Trust? (2018)


  • Here, Jacoby Shaddix sings of being stuck in a depression.

    'Cause I need something to lift me up when I'm down
    I get lost in my head for so long, I can't get out
    When I'm feeling like I'm crawling in my skin and sinking down
    I need something to lift me up

    Shaddix feels isolated and alone and is looking for something to "elevate" him out of his slump.
  • Guitarist Jerry Horton commented in a press release that he loves "how the mood and the music goes along with that sentiment as it moves from sadness into hope."
  • The song's message is about taking a negative and turning it into a positive. Shaddix explained to Consequence of Sound:

    "I'm a firm believer that pain for me has been a necessary element to my growth, and I think sometimes, people get it twisted and think, 'I don't want to feel this darkness or sadness,' but I think it's necessary for us to grow. It's either going to break you or build you.

    For me, pain and struggle are something to use as fuel for the positive, and I think that message is very important for people right now. Especially for the youth of this world, they need to know that pain is not only necessary, but it's fuel for the fire to become better, stronger and more significant."


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