Face Everything And Rise


  • The writing was on the wall regarding the title of Papa Roach's eighth full-length album - literally. "Jacoby (Shaddix, singer) wrote 'F.E.A.R.' on the wall of the studio in spray paint," laughed bassist Tobin Esperance. "When we started the record, he was like, 'I want construction paper hung up on the walls everywhere so I can write down all of these thoughts.' That was the only thing he ended up writing on the wall. It stuck."

    "Fear is something I face every day," Shaddix admitted. "It's about taking a negative and turning it into a positive. When you see the word, it looks like Fear. If you look deeper, it's Face Everything And Rise."
  • Speaking to Loudwire, Jacoby Shaddix explained the meaning of this song: "It's about stepping up to your problems," he said, "and connecting with my God and walking through those things."
  • The epic post-apocalyptic video finds Jacoby Shaddix being interrogated with some other masked men before bravely stepping out and facing a firing squad head on. The frontman came up with the concept and also co-directed the clip. He told Kerrang! "I was in the van from which we shot the video's chase scene, and that was the kind of s--t you'd never really get to do in your life! There was one shot where one of the motorcyclists jumps in front of the car and he nearly got run over by the car! It was one of those moments where life suddenly went into slow motion, but luckily he just avoided it."
  • Jacoby Shaddix told Kerrang!: "There's a key lyric in this that spawned the song, which is 'My pain is a blessing in disguise.' That simple line is so profound to me in my life and how I've grown. I used to look at my trials and tribulations and be like, 'F--k why am I going through this s--t? Why me? The song is about it being my responsibility to take that pain and find the strength within it."


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