Ain't It Fun

Album: Paramore (2013)
Charted: 10
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  • This upbeat track mixes gospel, soul and some Prince-style R&B. Hayley Williams told The Sun: "Taylor (York) and I came up with the melody and I thought about Prince, too. Then it got layered with more groove and funk and all the cool elements. The next thing I know there's a gospel choir in the studio and we have that track. It's been so liberating to write this record."
  • The song finds Paramore moving away from their rock roots to a more dance-pop feel. Bassist Jeremy Davis told The Guardian that the band had their largely teenage fan base in mind. "After we started writing weird stuff like 'Ain't It Fun,' we got nervous," he said. "But that was a comfort. We've grown and we don't like the same music we liked, so why would [our fans] not? That idea kept us pushing ourselves."
  • The song was written by Williams as a sarcastic jab at her unwillingness to grow up after moving to Los Angeles to record the Paramore album. She found herself away from her loved ones feeling completely out of her depth. "I was on my own for the first time ever and it weirded me out," she told "I felt like I was going kicking and screaming on my own. But it's funny, because I needed that. I needed a change of perspective to know I could do a lot of things on my own."

    Williams wrote the song after realizing there was no good reason to complain. "Here I am, sitting here whining about my life that's not really all that bad," she explained. "My life is actually awesome and just because I'm a little uncomfortable, like why am I making such a big deal out of this and not making more of this opportunity?"
  • The song's music video was originally directed by Jonathan Desbiens. better known as Jodeb, However, the group was not happy with where the clip was headed and ultimately made the decision to pull it. The visual was eventually re-shot by Sophia Peer (The National's "Sea Of Love") and finds the trio attempting to break the most world records within a music video (that being a world record in and of itself). They include:

    "Most Vinyl Records Broken in One Minute"
    "Fastest Time to Smash 30 Clocks with Guitars"
    "Most Feathers Caught in 30 Seconds"
    "Fastest Time to Run Backwards Holding Stuffed Animals While Blindfolded for 30 Feet"
    "Longest Time Spinning Record on Finger"
    "Longest Scream While Riding in a Convertible."
  • While it's a simple enough title, "Ain't It Fun" immediately piques curiosity - ain't what fun? It's also easy to remember after it's repeated 12 times throughout the song.
  • Pop songs are all about hooking the listener and keeping them on the line until the very end, so it's risky to spend too much time on any segment. While this song's outro clocks in at a whopping 1:15, Paramore keeps it exciting by incorporating all of the elements presented earlier in the song - a diverse mix of genres from retro '80s and '90s pop to funk, rock and gospel - ending on a unique note that's hard to forget.
  • The major lyrical hooks reinforce Williams' self-imposed kick in the pants to take responsibility for her life and realize she's not the center of the universe. She asks:

    "So what are you gonna do, when the world doesn't orbit around you?"

    "Ain't it fun, living in the real world?"

    Then says:

    "Don't go cryin', to your mama, 'cause you're on your own, in the real world."
  • This song features a prominent xylophone hook to make it stand out among the other Hot 100 hits of 2013, including fellow retro-infused songs like Pharrell Williams' "Happy."
  • This won the 2014 Grammy Award for Best Rock Song. It was Paramore's first ever Grammy, although they had been nominated several times in the past.
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