Stars Are Blind

Album: Paris (2006)
Charted: 5 18


  • This song is about a girl who is experimenting with love and still trying to be careful because her past loves were "suicide," but she knows her new love is so much more than an experiment. >>
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    Shannon - Lynbrook, NY
  • Hilton is a notorious hotel heiress who is mainly known as a socialite, but has also experimented with acting and singing. This was her first single, and it generally exceeded the low expectations of critics and became a hit. The song was helped along by a reggae beat provided by producer Fernando Garibay, and a video where Paris is frolicking on the beach. >>
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    Mike - Santa Barbara, CA
  • Amber Hay made a very popular YouTube video called Paris In Jail that used the music to this song. Her version pokes fun at Hilton's legal issues.
  • The song garnered a lot of attention for its melodic similarities to UB40's 1989 cover of Lord Creator's 1970 song "Kingston Town." In June 2007, Sparta Florida Music Group, the copyright holders of the reggae standard, started legal action. The case was settled out of court.

    At the time, it was wrongly stated that UB40 were the suing party. However, UB40's Ali Campbell told NME the resemblances between the two songs were blatant. "It really was a total lift," he said. "When I heard it, I said what almost everybody does: 'Wow! That's more or less 'Kingston Town' all the way through.'"
  • The song was a worldwide hit, topping the charts in several countries including Hungary and Slovakia.

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  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesI always hated Paris Hilton as a person (based on what the media reports about her and her life), yet as embarrassed as I am to admit it I do actually like this song, and in the perverse nature of life it taught me not to be naive about people like Paris Hilton! In 2006 when "Stars Are Blind" came out I was enjoying one of the happiest summers of my life - I'd had my first big promotion in work, and better still I'd just met the girl of my dreams and fallen in love with her, and this song was constantly on the radio, every time I was with her! :-) If I'd known this song was by Paris Hilton when I first heard it, I think I'd have probably "decided" not to like it and written it off - and I have to admit the first time I did hear it I actually thought it was Gwen Stefani singing... I had to a double take when on about the third listen I heard a radio DJ say it was by Paris Hilton... Sadly the euphoria didn't last song as my life went tits-up the very next year, when the aforementioned girl dumped me by text and never told me why, and I lost my job shortly afterwards... But this song will always make me smile and take me back to a point in my life where for once I was genuinely enjoying life, and just for a moment it looked like, for once, there was such a thing as a happy ending... I don't care whether Paris Hilton can "sing", "tour" etc., or not - nor do I care whether they "made" her sound good, or that people on here like V from Indianapolis or Mark from Byrdstown think she is wasting space or radio airtime, or Sierra from Sactown think she's "stupid"... I second Milla from Fredericksburg's post - the songs are good, which is the important thing! And incidentally, I am a Rock music fan above all other genres and my favourite band of all time is Guns N' Roses... "Even though the Gods are crazy and even though the stars are blind (and the majority of Songfacts users are naive), baby, this song is perfect for me! :-)
  • Neil from Toronto, OnUB40's Kingston Town is also a remake!
  • Mark from Byrdstown, TnDamn I look some singers or songs up in here and they arent here but you guys have got a song by Paris Hilton wasting space???? ARE you freaking kidding me!!!??!?!
  • Milla from Fredericksburg, Va*psh* you guys are not nice. Both Paris and Hilary have good songs. Who cares if it's not exactly them? The songs are good and that's all that matters. This song is awesome actually. And this is coming from a girl who's favorite band is Nirvana.
  • Sierra from Sactown, Cai think it is really stupid, she cant do anything to make this world stay listining to her but go to jail, and waist our tax money........
  • V from Indianapolis, InParis hilton is nothing but a studio creation..... who else claims they can sing and then the only "tour" they do is to clubs where they lip sync to their own songs..... Paris claimed that she cries when she listens to her album cuz its so good.... more like she cries cuz they "made" her sound good, cuz the girl cant sing, Paris along with hilary duff are a waste of radio air time!
  • Alan from Singapore, Singaporeis it just me or does the opening chords of the song remind you of UB40's Kingston Town?
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