I'm Gon Make You Sick

Album: Medicaid Fraud Dog (2018)


  • George Clinton knows a thing or two about drugs - he wrote and recorded much of his early '70s material on acid - but prescription drugs are another story. In this song, he takes aim at the drug companies in character as "Dr. Feel Good."

    "They make you sick with one pill, then you have to take another pill for that pill that you took, and then they give you another one," he said in a Songfacts interview. "You get strung out on this pill, so you have to take another one to get off of that. It's worse than street drugs. So that's what this one is about - I'm going to make you sick of me, then I'm going to give you the antidote to make you feel better."
  • This was the lead single from Medicaid Fraud Dog, the first Parliament album since Trombipulation in 1980. Clinton couldn't use the Parliament or Funkadelic names for quite a while as various lawsuits played out, so much of his '80s, '90s and '00s output was under his own name or as P-Funk All Stars.
  • The rapper Scarface guests on this track, dropping a verse.
  • The P-Funk villain Sir Nose makes an appearance in the artwork for the single, peddling a drug called Nozitrol.


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