Life's For The Living

Album: All The Little Lights (2012)


  • This song is about living in the moment and how difficult that is at times. Mike Rosenberg (aka Passenger) told VH1 in a 2013 interview: "I was playing a gig the other day, and I looked out, and all I could see were iPhones, and it just struck me that if we're not careful, we view everything through a bloody screen."

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  • Laila from SwitzerlandThe song is about living in the moment. It's important to enjoy the day as it is. As passenger literally sings: Live your life or you're better off dead. In addition he gives many examples how the life and the society changed during the last few years. Priorities are set differently and the way we deal with each other modified as well. He is annoyed of people spending their time only infront of their phonescreens. He is afraid that we see the world only through the lense and without real experience and real emotions. When he's singing at a concert, he wants the audience to turn off their phone and enjoy this moment as it is.
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