He Is Risen

  • Paul Baloche wrote this celebration of Christ's resurrection with British worship songwriter Graham Kendrick in 2013 whilst he was attending a Missions Conference in the South of England. He told New Release Tuesday the story of the song: "Graham Kendrick and I have been friends for several years and have tried to write together when we have the chance," he said. "He drove down and we spent the day purposely trying to write a resurrection song with the intent of taking the Gospels, and reading through the Gospel accounts of the Resurrection and they are all similar but worded slightly different. We wrote down some of the key phrases and wanted the verses to re-tell the story."

    "The singer, the worshiper, the person in the congregation when they look up at the screen is reminded and it's almost like reading Scripture," Baloche continued. "Verse one begins painting the picture, 'early morning, break of dawn, stumbling to the tomb, standing awestruck, wondering who rolled away the stone, and as they looked they saw an angel clothed in white who said don't be afraid, He is alive.' Our response as the congregation is to this reality to not be afraid, He is alive is 'He is risen, Hallelujah, let the whole world sing, Christ is Risen.' Verse two is intentionally is about from that point on, how does this affect us now? How is the resurrection of Christ relevant to us? The invitation is 'sing, with all creation sing, of a world made new, in His life we too may live, bursting from the tomb.'"

    "Using that metaphor that the reason He was raised from the dead, it was not just a historical event that happened, it has a relevant, and present day effect on our lives," he concluded. "It has the potential if we choose to put our faith in Christ, and in His finished work and go. Paul unpacks our new life, our new creation, an opportunity, all things are passed away and the life I lead is the hope of glory. That's really verse two is the relevance to us in the year 2014."


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