Ballroom Dancing

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  • American fans didn't get it, but British fans loved this song because it was a satirical send-up of the ballroom dancing craze in England in the early 1980s. The biggest hits on British television at the time were ballroom dancing competitions ("seen it on TV"). >>
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    Ken - Louisville, KY
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  • Sam from New YorkJohn Paul Jones is credited in the movie "Give My Regards to Broad Street." I didn't see it, but maybe he played bass in the "Ballroom Dancing" scene?
  • Lars from Gävle, SwedenJim, ny, NY :...No John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin did not play bass on Ballroom Dancing, Paul McCartney did that himself.
  • Jim from Ny, NyJohn Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin plays bass on the song.
  • Cyndi from San Luis, MexicoThis song first appeared in the 1982 album "Tug of War".
  • Julia from Richland, WaI absolutely LOVE this song!!! It just goes to show that Macca can be extremely funny when he wants to be. Man, I wish that I had that kind of ability. Usually my really funny jokes and quips come out when I'm either really bored or really tired...
  • Harold from San Bernadino, CaI LOVE this freakin' song!!!! MAC's the best!
  • Ken from Louisville, KyIn Broad Street, Paul, Linda and the band performed this song LIVE during the filming. In movie musicals, "production numbers", with singing and dancing, had pre-recorded music and vocals. In an interview, George Martin - who had done several film soundtracks in his career - said he tried to talk Paul out of this, but Paul insisted. Martin later said thet he was amazed that they found ways to make this work.
  • Christy from Palm Springs, Cahahaha now I get it about the Ballroom dancing being on tv. At first I was like "what's he talking about" but I guess it's a british thing. We americans are so un-cultured. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cute video too. The guy is absolutely crazy but we all love him!!!!!!!!
  • Ken from Louisville, KyPink Floyd's Dave Gilmour played the guitar solo on the re-make of this for "Give My Regards To Broad Street".
  • Joey from Nowhere Land, Caooh, I LOVE this song!! I loved the video for it in Give my Regards to Broad Street. It was like one of the greatest things i've ever seen/heard!!
  • Bob from Liverpool, EnglandI am sure I read somewhere it was a nostalgia trip for Paul, as the Beatles played a lot of Ballrooms in their early years (Pre & post Hamburg) quite a lot of them being in Liverpool UK, i.e. Litherland Town Hall, Aintree Institute, the list is endless.
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