Echoes Round the Sun

Album: 22 Dreams (2008)
  • This is a collaboration between Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer of Oasis. The Oasis bandmates did the backing track and the former Jam frontman put the vocal on top. Weller told Uncut magazine: "In songwriting terms, it's the first Weller/Gallagher collaboration. Noel came down to the studio with this loop he'd never been able to do anything with. He played the bass and the piano and then Gem played guitar on top. It's a top tune."
  • Gallagher is a close friend of Weller, but it took the two songwriters a long time to collaborate. Weller explained to the Daily Mail August 1, 2008: "We'd been trying to write a song for ten years, but we're far too self-conscious to sit in a room together and get on with it. We finally cracked it when Noel came in with a track and we jammed on top to give us a tune."


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