It's Written In The Stars

Album: Illumination (2002)
Charted: 7


  • Paul Weller: "I started to write demos with Simon Dine. He was bringing in some of his sounds and layering them up. Then I would take it away and write on top of that, and that gives this that demo feel again. Simon used to work at Go! Discs as an A&R man and I really liked his Noonday Underground album, so I just wanted to work with him because of that. I play a lot of the instruments myself on the album, it's mainly me and Whitey on it. I just wanted to make it my own record as much as possible. It was good to work on my own in terms of production, too. On Heliocentric it took us about three and a half weeks to record it and seven or eight weeks to mix it. It was ridiculous. So this time I thought I can't go through that again. So we made it as quickly as possible, just as we did years ago. Essentially just get the performance down and the spirit of the track too. Hopefully it'll surprise people when they hear it, because it's the first single. It's probably not what people expect from a Paul Weller single and that's good." (Quote from Weller's publicity materials. Thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England)


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