Album: Riot Act (2002)
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  • Eddie Vedder wrote this about US president George W. Bush. It express his view that Bush is a warmonger with no sense of diplomacy. >>
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    jon - saint John, Canada
  • There are lots of baseball references in this song. Players trying to get to the majors often play in the "bush leagues" first. These are leagues of low-level minor league teams in small cities where most of the players lack the talent to make it big. The phrase "bush league" can be used to describe something or someone who lacks skill or intelligence, which is how Pearl Jam applies it to George Bush. One of these bush leagues is in Texas and is known as the "Texas League," and in baseball a "Texas Leaguer" refers to a cheap base hit that bloops over the infield. Vedder uses the term as a derogatory way to describe George Bush in the line, "He's not a leader, he's a Texas Leaguer." Before he was governor of Texas, George Bush was part-owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team.
  • At a show in Denver in 2003, Vedder caused a great deal of controversy when he used a George W. Bush mask during his performance of this song. He did a little dance with the mask on, then took it off to sing. Vedder placed the mask on a microphone stand and left it there for the song. The US had just started a war with Iraq, and many people felt this was a disrespectful and unpatriotic act. The press blew it out of proportion, reporting that Vedder "impaled" the mask and that "dozens" of fans walked out in protest. Pearl Jam did not lose many fans as a result, but around the same time, The Dixie Chicks faced a severe backlash after their lead singer said she was ashamed to be from the same state as the president.

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  • Guy from Benson, NcMore trivial pap by the most overrated band in rock...EVER!!! Somebody needs to tell Eddie that the teenage angst is not effective after age 19....maybe 20.
  • Chris from Claremont, CaI wonder if Bush would have stormed North Korea if the troops were not in Iraq or Afghanistan? after all, he called it part of the axis of evil. Thank god he cannot have a third term. Well, actually, in a better world he probably would have not won election either in 2000 or 20004. I remember hearing on Fox News is that one of Bush's family was working at Fox News?! Damn Thief!
  • Kirk from King George, VaOne of the many songs by PJ where you can hear that cool voice his. "I remember when you sang that song about tomorrow............" Have it on DVD from a New York show that's on special features.
  • Zack Hodgson from Woodstock, GaI love this song. I like Pearl Jam as well. This is a great song because I think Bush is a warmonger piece of ****. Bush lies and kills loads of people as a result.
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoOn the "Pearl Jam: Live At The Garden" DVD you can see clips of footage from various shows from their tour where Eddie is wearing the mask. I thought it was pretty funny, though I'm not suprised some people found it offensive.
  • Russell from College Station, TxPearl Jam's my favorite band. I support Bush. The two can coexist, just let other people's opinions be other people's opinions.
  • Ash from Charleston, WvDown with W!!!
  • Sirpsycho85 from Ghj, NyI was at that nassau concert, and yeah the crowd got really mad at the end, they kind of stormed off the stage at the end, which was unfortunate since i agree with his opinions anyway and didnt mind at all. But the fans were good besides the end, they were good as far as singing along and such, im just embarassed that happened in NY which usually has more reasonably minded (politically) people.
  • Sam from Davenport, Iaactually tim...al gore's father was an influential senator from Tenn. while little al was growing up...and it was his influence that got the C average al into harvard...so is the same true of al that you say is true about george?
  • John from Raleigh, NcChris, the myth that the states that voted for Bush have lower IQs was debunked on snopes.com

    Anyway, my favorite line in the song is "born on third thinks he got a triple." I mean, has anyone with a Roman Numeral in their name ever had a hard life?
  • Chris from Sea Cliff, NyThe electoral college was put in place to protect america by the elitist sect of the constitution writers, indeed it sucks for elections like the last (2000), however it was made with america in mind. This is a great song that gets across the message of what a horrible president Bush has been. on an intersting note, all the states witht the lowest I.Q.'s and SAT scores, all vored for bush (HHHHHMMMM?), soooooo i wonder?
  • Andrew from Springfield, MoTim, I guess you think the Constitution should be burned, since thats the document that say electoral votes matter, not total votes.
  • Paulo from New York, NyKimberly, I saw that show, too. Strangely enough, I didn't notice the boos so much. I seemed to hear the cheers more.
  • Tim Tomayko from Ellwood City, PaDang right...the best line in the song is "Born on third, thinks he got a triple"...this shows exactly why baby bush is in office. only because of his name did he get in office...oh wait...didnt the total votes show Al Gore with more than gwb???

  • Kimberly from Asbury Park, Njpearl jam did this at the nassau coliseum show in long island on that tour as well. for the most part, it was a terrible crowd. i believe it was either after that show or the one after that pearl jam decided not to do that song live anymore. glad i got to see it before that happened. rock!
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