Starting Over

Album: Foul Deeds (2010)


  • You'd think that if you're a songwriter married to Neil Young you would have him write you some lyrics or come up with a tune after dinner sometime, but according to Pegi Young, who released her first album in 2007 and her second in 2010, they keep their songwriting mostly separate, offering each other occasional suggestions. Said Pegi: "When we got together, I was playing and writing. And we would just sit around and play some stuff from time to time just for fun. But it wasn't in front of people. It wasn't professional. It was just sitting around in our living room. It's just never been a problem. He is very clear about what he hears in his music and how he wants it to sound, and I am, too. So when he comes and sits in with us in the studio, he becomes one of the band members."
  • Pegi is the kind of songwriter who waits for inspiration to strike, and that's what happened on this track. She told us: "'Starting Over' just came through really fast – the words. That was after I went to a memorial service for a friend of mine who had lost his wife after like 50-some years of marriage. He put together this beautiful thing, but then it was just too stunning to think, Well, now what? How do you go on? And my friend Anthony Crawford wrote the music for that one. I'd gone to L.A. for this event and then came home and the band was there. I showed him the words and the next day he had a melody for it." (Read more in our full Pegi Young interview.)
  • Musicians on this track include Neil Young on guitar, Ben Keith on dobro and Spooner Oldham on Wurlitzer.


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