The Barry Williams Show


  • Barry Williams is an actor who played Greg Brady on the popular '70s TV show The Brady Bunch. This song deals with "trash TV" - mostly talk shows such as Jerry Springer, Ricki Lake, etc.
  • This song was not originally meant to reference the Brady Bunch actor Barry Williams. Gabriel reportedly wanted a plain ordinary sounding name for the title. He stated in several interviews that he never watched The Brady Bunch or knew there was an American actor with that name. Yet, Barry Williams (the actor) does appear briefly in the song's video at the beginning as a member of the talk show audience. >>
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    Matt - Lebanon, PA
  • Sean Penn directed the music video for this song. >>
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    Justin - Felts Mills, NY

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  • Jim from Dayton, OhGabriel has said he gave the song a title with no knowledge of the actor Barry Williams from the Brady Bunch. Once it was brought to his attention that a famous Barry Williams did exist, Gabriel asked to include him in the video.
  • Ratboy from Ratville, NjYes, it seemed a bit late. And the name of the album, "Up"... he was at least the third artist/band to use that stupid title in a short span of time. Anyhow, I wonder if the part about the woman with no wrinkles is a referance to Oprah.
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