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  • Inspired by an Amnesty International pamphlet about Argentina that Gabriel read just before England invaded the Falkland Islands.
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  • Jim from Pleasant Hill, CaThis explanation is minimal and the song title seems incongruous for a song about political prisoners. I always thought this echoed Gabriel's "Lead a Normal Life" - presumably about the plight of people in mental institutions.
  • Hernan from Buenos Aires, ArgentinaI always thought that Wallflower was born as one of the songs of the soundtrack of Birdy, the 1984's Alan Parker movie.
  • Miles from Vancouver, CanadaBy far one of his best and most wonderful songs both musically and lyrically.
  • AgustÃ?n from Santiago, ChilePeter Gabriel sang Wallflower as lead singer in october 1990's Amnesty International's concert "Desde Chile, Un Abrazo a la Esperanza", at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago, Chile, with chilean folk music band Inti Illimani as support band. Introducing that number, in front of 75000 people, Gabriel told to the audience that he had composed that song after knowing about torture in Chile. They (Gabriel + Inti Illimani) also played then "El Arado", a song composed by chilean musician VÃ?ctor Jara (tortured and assassinated in 1973), with Gabriel as lead singer, in spanish.
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