Can't Stop Loving You

Album: Testify (2002)
Charted: 28 76
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  • The British songwriter Billy Nicholls wrote "Can't Stop Loving You" and was the first to record it, including it on an album called White Horse in 1977. Leo Sayer did the first successful cover, taking it to #6 UK in 1978. In 1981, a version by The Outlaws made #102 US. Collins released it as the first single from his album Testify. In 2006, Keith Urban included the song on his album Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing.
  • Billy Nicholls told us about this song: "I was writing some songs for a band I was in called White Horse. The other two members of the band, Jon Lind and Kenny Altman, were living in LA and I was living in London. This meant I had to leave my family for long periods of time as the recording for the album was to take place in LA. On one of my return trips a drummer friend of mine, Bruce Rowlands, came to visit. I told him about my recording project and he said that I should consider writing at least one song in 3/4. After he left I went to my piano and started to write 'Can't Stop Loving You.' It is a fictitious lyric and its poignancy stems from my not wanting to leave my then-young family."
  • This was used in a commercial for the Toyota Avalon before it was released as a single. Collins made the deal so he could get exposure for the song and album. "The business has changed since Neil Young's 'This Note's For You,' Collins told Hits magazine. "It's different now. To be quite honest, I couldn't buy this kind of exposure."

    Collins was not the first former star of MTV and pop radio to find himself on the outside looking in: In 2000, Sting had trouble getting airplay for his single "Desert Rose" until he let Jaguar use it in a commercial, which helped make it a hit. Moby was also leading the way in licensing his songs to companies, but it was still rare to hear a song used in a commercial before it was released.
  • As part of the deal with Toyota, Collins album contained a sticker that said, "As featured in the new Toyota Avalon commercial." Toyota sponsored Collins on his 1996 tour, even though he didn't drive a Toyota (he owned a Range Rover). A month before the deal was reached to use this in the ad, Collins performed a private concert for 5000 Toyota dealers and their guests.
  • Testify was the first album Collins released after being diagnosed with a viral infection that damaged his hearing. Collins' doctor advised him to stop touring and be careful not to perform too often or in venues that were too loud.
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Comments: 10

  • Richard from Nsw, AustraliaLove this song-- makes me think of a friend of mine-- sadly, that's all we are- friends... She kinda knows how I feel but last time I mentioned the subject, she (again) told me she wasn't ready for a relationship. Don't know if she's just stringing me along- after 2 years, it's a possibility-- but right now I care for her deeply and, while I'm so grateful for her friendship, if we could ever take it a bit further- I'd be ecstatic. I've not mentioned it for about a year- I guess will just wait and see what happens... We don't live close to each other and our work schedules clash- I could go on boring you all but I won't!
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyTwo completely different songs titled "Can't Stop Loving You" also made Billboard's Top 100. One was by Tom Jones, it peaked at No. 25 in 1970; and the other by The Last Word in 1967, it reahed No. 78!!!
  • Josep from Dubrovnik, CroatiaThis version is okay, but Keith Urban's version is SO much better...
  • Robert from C.b., NsThis song was also recorded by the southern rock band "The Outlaws" on their 1980 album "Ghost Riders".
  • Laura from Bridgend, United KingdomThis song is a reminder of my life growing up. Lovely song with a lot of meaning to me.
  • Rusty from Lake Park, MnI love this song! especially the part when he goes "even try" in the background. Very powerful
  • Jamie from Des Moines, IaThe line in this song that rips my heart out is when he says he'll still be waiting, "if you should change, change your mind."
  • Sara Mackenzie from Middle Of Nowhere, FlNice song, very sad.
  • Lisa from Deer Park, NyThis album was worth the wait from Phil! You go with your bad self and keep rocking!!!

    DJ Lisa
  • Jolie from Bellwood, IlThis song is a great song that says you can love anyone anywhere with love.
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