Bulletproof Love

Album: Selfish Machines (2010)
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  • Written in the style of suicide note that would be found by a loved one, this song is based on vocalist Vic Fuentes' interest with happy-sounding songs that contain morbid lyrics. He told Kerrang;

    "There's a deliberate juxtaposition here with the sweet poppy melodies and the really dark lyrics. I've always been obsessed with songs like that. I grew up listening to Saves the Day and I think they're my favorite example of dark lyrics and pop music."
  • The heartbroken Fuentes is unable to deal with the ending of the relationship.

    I'm barely hanging on
    No, I'm barely hanging on
    By the time you're hearing this I'll already be gone
    And now there's nothing to do but scream at the drunken moon

    This song may be Fuentes last message before he ends it all. The Pierce The Veil frontman explained that the lyrics are "about being obsessed with someone to the point where you’re hurting yourself."
  • Vic Fuentes wrote much of the Selfish Machines album in Los Angeles, but found himself getting distracted by the City of Angels. He told Kerrang: "It was a really difficult process writing this song and all of the album in fact. I live in San Diego and I don't like staying in Los Angeles very much. We had to live there and we had basically ran out of time to write the album. I had to scramble to find places to finish up writing the album before we had to go in and actually record it."
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