Album: The Dark Side of the Moon (1973)
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  • This song is about an older man speaking to a baby, telling it to breathe. The old man then describes the unfortunate working life the baby will have to face: "Run, rabbit, run. Dig that hole, forget the sun." The song implies that we need to overcome these messages and do what inspires us.
  • Many people believe Dark Side of the Moon acts as a soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz. When they are synched up, the line, "Balanced on the biggest wave" plays when Dorothy nearly loses her balance while walking along a fence. >>
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  • This is followed on the album by an instrumental called "On The Run." The next song is "Time," which reprises "Breathe."
  • This has been covered by former members of Pearl Jam and Blind Melon. >>
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  • The whispers that can be heard throughout the album are references to Syd Barrett's madness - Dave Gilmour said this himself when interviewed about Dark Side of the Moon. >>
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  • The pop duo Capital Cities released a cover version of this song online in 2012 and often perform the song at their live shows. Their rendition has a Trip-Hop feel with a prominent trumpet and sample of Tupac Shakur's verse from the 1997 Scarface song "Smile." As Sebu Simonian of Capital Cities told us, Pink Floyd is a huge influence on the band - they even mention the group in their 2013 track "I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo."

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  • Hans Leiber from UkHas anybody picked up on the correlation between this song and the John Updike novel 'Rabbit, run'? ... both being about entrapment.
  • Hannah from Irwin I must say as a 17 year old girl who didn't grow up in the 70's I feel as if I have more knowledge then some of you 60 year old fans. I know roger waters hs tampered with acid once or twice and has smoked some weed. I know that at points they all smoked weed but to my knowledge only roger has openly said he's done acid... and well I mean there's syd too. I myself have done acid a handful of times and smoked quite a bit of weed and while doing so I listened to this album fully. while the acid and we'd does make the album sound mind blowing and beautiful I feel like I've enjoyed the music better while sober honestly. about comments of people saying they definitely want their kids encouraged to do drugs and listen, I hate to break it to ya but they probably have smoked at least weed and possibly even tripped before but that doesn't mean they've told you about it. listen rig to the record while under the influence is mind blowing and amazing hearing instruments that seemed so faint before now echoing in yours ears. it's a complete different experience while high. I've actually cried while being high listening to this album because the lyrics just related I me so much and made me think of how weird life is and sad moments and it was too much but also the instruments are so uplifting and powerful. although I do agree this album probably was made just for a group or hippies to trip to, the psychedelic-ness to it makes it easy to assume it was meant for that. regardless it is truly and amazing album... high or not.
  • Kimberly from Landing, NjBless Syd's soul for the end was his listening. Seems control of his abuse took a great soul. Sorry but true. God bless. Lessons learned.
  • Bob from Milwaukee, WiBreathe, breathe in the air
    * (meaning, right now you're alive...feel it by breathing in the air physically and mentally)

    Don't be afraid to care
    * (meaning, it's alright to give a s--t...give yourself permission)

    Leave but don't leave me
    * (meaning, get out there and explore both inner and outer...but keep me in your heart and visit often)

    Look around, choose your own ground
    * (meaning, chose your life, but keep expanding to new places and experiences)

    For long you live and high you fly
    * (meaning, for as long as you are alive and the things you try ie;psychedelics, having kids, experiencing the grandor of life, etc)

    And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry
    * (meaning, all of your entire life's emotional experiences...all of it)

    And all your touch and all you see
    * (same thing here only adding in the sense of touch and sight, but just think of ALL your sensory experiences)

    Is all your life will ever be
    * (meaning, THIS is it...the 3rd dimensional experience from birth to death)

    Run rabbit run
    * (meaning how the current 3rd dimensional reality is set up in a monetary based society, we ALL must work)

    Dig that hole, forget the sun
    * (meaning, get to work on that insignificant J.O.B. and forget about the beauty of what life is truly about)

    And when at last the work is down
    * (meaning, just when you think you can rest)

    Don't sit down, it's time to dig another one
    * (from guessed it...self explanitory)

    For long you live and high you fly
    * (meaning, for as long as you are alive and the things you try ie;psychedelics, having kids, experiencing the grandor of life, etc)

    But only if you ride the tide
    * (meaning, how this reality tricks you into thinking "riding the tide", having the "things" is important)

    And balanced on the biggest wave
    * (same as above...only here it's telling you to have the nicest things, expensive things)

    You race towards an early grave
    * (meaning, all that bulls--t and after slaving away your're ready for it all to be over)
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjPepper, you da man, girl! I love the message in this song. In my 26 years in existance I never felt the need to get into drugs, even though I'm a musician, and ALL of my musician friends are really into drugs. Drugs don't make you a better artist, it's talent that does that. Now if I could only form a band with people that are mentally stable...
  • Pepper from Athens, TnI just looove how people think that in order to enjoy someting or really listen to it, you need to be zonked, gashed, and kooked up on anything and everything. Really intelligent, you guys. Igo into a trance just listening to this song straight. I know I have no place to talk since i'm just a 15 year old girl with awesome taste, but I have enough sense and understanding to understand something without being screwed up. Maybe I was born with LSD in my head? Maybe you're all just my imagination? Get real.
  • Kevin Prince from Houston, TxWell folks, it seems that most of you are here to talk about drugs-not music. That is a little sad. Here is what the song means:

    Advice to a child or anyone for that matter. Don't get caught up in keeping up with the Joneses. Breathe-(Stop and smell the roses)
    Leave but dont leave me
    (make your own life-keep in touch)
    Choose your ground (stand up for what you believe in).

    Second paragraph is about the work of life. . .all work and no play makes you a dull boy
    ride the tide (dont go against the grain)

    balanced on the biggest wave-racing towards an early grave (workaholics or anything addicts-see song we die young by alice in chains)

    in a nut shell-Chill out-be yourself

    the song is beautiful
  • Terry from Wickford, RiThe song has its genesis with a similar track on Music(from The Body) that Waters did with Ron Geesin in 1970. And it would be fantastic if we could do a Find for all references in this thread to "Drugs" and "Wizard of Oz" and Replace with "". It would make this section a lot shorter and far more accurate.
  • Ryan from Cincinnati, OhFunny thing is you will understand everrything if drop some acid, but the funny nature about that drug is you understand everything it seems on that drug. On weed; I don't see anyway how weed could make you see anything except the music sounds better. I don't even view weed really as a drug anymore it just kind of hiders ones mind.

    Although acid will help you understand this you really don't need it. Find the mental capacity to understand things w/o the drug. It is unnecessary and really one of the meanings of the album is not to do it. Acid dose expand your mind but it ages you to quickly you need time to grow into yourself. I do believe this song dose have like ten different meanings. One of them is to take control of your own destiny and drugs take that control away. After Syd Barrett Pink Floyd weren't into drugs anymore.
  • Russ from Baltimore, MdI think breathe reprise should have been name breathe deep because it sounds like someone tring to relax and take a deep breath.
  • Mem from Melbourne, Australiathe saying goes.... you dont need drugs to enjoy pink floyd, you need pink floyd to enjoy the drugs!
  • Mike from Batavia, NyThis song gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it. I love the way the instruments sound. The sound is unlike any other piece of music. It sounds very tranquil and relaxing. If you are an individual who indulges in marijuana, this song would more then likely be ideal to listen to while under the influence. If smoking isn't your thing, the song is still wonderful. The lyrics for the song, at least in my opinion, are words of advice.

    A note I would like to make is that sometimes, I think people overanalyze a song and spend more time trying to figure out some secret meaning and/or whether or not Pink Floyd's material contains "drug refrences" or whether or not Pink Floyd's music is meant to be listened to while on something that alters ones consciousness. All that stuff is opinion. No one can ever answer it factally. Because of this, I think to each his own. If you have a point of view please share it. On the other hand if you use your point of view and then proceed to force it down others throats, then it becomes a problem. Thn you become a judgemental, self righteous person. I don't believe thats what Pink Floyd wanted their music to cause. So try to be accepting and open minded. Basically...
    "Breathe ... Breathe in the air

  • Chloe from St. Louis, Moone time i listened to this song 14 times in a row....trippiest hour of my LIFE....
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InOh, and for all you stoners living in your mom's basement, watching your "Dark Side of Oz" DVD, get a freakin' life!
    Movie reels were not widely available back in 1972, when they first performed this live as "Eclipsed."
    The only way it sync up with Oz is if you take in copious amounts of THC and/or LSD first.
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InWhat else can I say about this?
    Simply gorgeous steel guitar from Dave and Roger's wonderfully poetic lyrics.
    For long you live/And high you fly/The smiles you'll give/And tears you'll cry/And all you touch/And all you see/Is all your life will ever be
    So simple and direct, and yet so timeless.
  • Phil from Philadelphia, Pasadly, the few times i've smoked weed, i never listened to floyd. and people... dont bash weed or acid. its your choice whether you want to do that sort of stuff... anyway, pink floyd was an amazing band with or without drugs. but how can u say they didnt at least do sum grass, lol. it was the 70s...
  • Jeff from Fergus, Onwell some one asked what does it feel like when ur high and listen to pink floyd and for me personally it allows you to listen more intenetly and pick out things you wouldnt normally hear when sober..... it also makes you think about your own life and how the song relates to it in some way. It can also bring back scary thoughts or mind blwing experiencing in your life when listening to on the run or when the bells are ringing in time.... just my opinion
  • Chris from Lake Texoma, TxTo all you rocket scientists promoting the use of drugs to "enhance the music": Thank you so much for encouraging drug use. I WANT my kids and others to fry their brains in order to truely appreciate Pink Floyd.

    REALLY, how irresponsible can you be? Pink Floyd is truely acceptional and incredibly talented without requiring the burning up brain cells to enjoy it!
  • Icebox from Misssissauga, OnU guys who say that pink floyd iz 4 druggies R F***ING STUPID i say this as a person who has tryed everything and has an opinion from both sides of the fence. pink floyd is not a Psychadellic band they are progressive. if u wanna check out a gud psychadellic band try the doors, or strawberry alarm clock!!!!!!!!!
  • Ahmed from Alex, EgyptMadnees it's Madness
  • George from Little Rock, ArI can't believe people are arguing that Pink Floyd was not a drug band and that Dark Side of the Moon is not a drug album. Some of you people who have never done drugs are delusional. Drugs enhances music and if you haven't indluged in them, good for you, but don't come in here and say that these guys weren't using drugs. That's just being stupid.
    This song is among my favorite of DSOTM.
  • Patrick from Chicago, IlIt's not about drugs. Few Floyd songs are. Besides WHO NEEDS DRUGS WHEN YOU HAVE PINK FLOYD?! Really guys.
  • Kate from Burnaby, CanadaGreat song. Some great memories come attached to the whole album, for me.
  • Austin from Brooklyn Park, MnI agree with the fellow below me from my town, LSD brings out the best of this song.
  • Dj from Minneapolis, MnI heard this as a child in my early teens and loved it. I heard this in my late teens after dropping some LSD and it was mind blowing. Not even close to the same experience. You wouldn't know unless you've been there. And I've been there many times.
  • Sheeberson from Wrightsville Beach, NcAnd I know that its a concept album, itsw SUPPOSED to flow into each other, what im saying is the song ends abruptly and doesnt END with the beggining of time, time just starts as its own song. maybe my itunes downloaded it wrong.
  • Sheeberson from Wrightsville Beach, Ncok, is my album screwed up, because on mine this song ends really apbruptly and just has that sound at the beggining of 'time'. is it supposed to be like that?
  • Luke from Campbell, CaI posted the symbol of the sun in the "Eclipse" songfact. Basically it stands for the unity and truth in life. The "man" is telling the "child", "Dig that hole, forget the sun." We become so obsessed with what others say we ought to do with our lives that we don't seek the truth in life. When we are growing up, our focus in life is directed away from the sun and onto the moon (Our current way of life or day do day conciousness. It is basically the system of government, laws, business, etc. Very powerful message.
  • Harrpoe from Huntington Beach, CaDont need no flippin drugs, Dont need no flippin Judy Garland movie. This song opens and sets the tone for the GREATEST concept album of all time. Loss of the innocence, ideals and dreams of the 60's. Realization that life in the latter 20th century and beyond was going to be less than the utopian fantasies everyone thought they would be. Any good song writer knows lyrics should have 2 meanings....the lyrics to this album have at least 10. Listen to Money and compare it to what is happening in 2007. Been listening to this album since the day it came out....the older I get, the more I hear what I didnt before. Lyrically and musically, the perfect album.

    And if the band your in starts playing different tunes, I'll see you on the DSOTM

  • Frank from Custer, SdYOU DRUGGIES ARE IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!! Just because a bands music is bizarre dosen't mean that it was all written because of drugs. And the band quit using drugs after Barrett went mad. This song was a way of showing how crazy Barrett went because of drugs. All the random laughter and hidden vocals represented Barrett rambling off in conversation to himself. This entire album was written to show the corruption and fear of our world. You can only understand what you think is true while your high, not the literal intention of the band.
  • Wassim from Beirut - Lebanon, OtherWell..... I always think its about COCACOLA??!!..come on guys, not every song is about the drugs the band is to great for the drugs commercial production ...
  • Madalyn from Greensburg, PaThis song is the most relaxing song..please tell me if there is one more relaxing then this...i love putting on my head phones and going up into the mountains (listenig to this song) amd breathing and thinking about my life...<3
  • Kyle from Slatington, Pajess from NY. its rue. if u turn the volume up kinda high. u can actually hear it. p.s. love the floyd
  • Heather from La, CaThe only time in my life that I ever experienced the very rare state known as "synaesthesia"- being able to actually see sounds (can also be hearing colors, but mine was the former) was while listening to this album. Believe me, the music looks even more beautiful and amazing than it sounds...
  • Bill from Erie, PaOn the P*U*L*S*E DVD, as well as the Live8 DVD, when the Floyd's classic lineup finally reunited, this song is titled "Breate in the Air".
  • Cody from Oklahoma City, OkYou don't need weed, LSD, crack, cocaine, or any other drugs to get the full scope of the Floyd. The music speaks for itself. The guys have said in interviews that they quit drugs after Syd (recently passed, God rest his genious soul) had his breakdown. Some say that that's bull. Well, I personally believe Dave, Roger, Nick, and Richard. Pink Floyd's music has profoundly changed my life (dad said the first song I listened to was, in fact, "Breathe"). Dark Side of the Moon represents the evils and fears of society. Time-the thing fear running out of...Money- the all-corrupter, the root of all evil...Us and Them- it states that once all is said and done, we're all from the same stuff, therefor we're just the same...Brain Damage- a sad state after a life of excess. I won't do the whole album as much deeper meaning could be expessed and we would be here forever. Nonetheless, the Floyd were, are, and will remain...sheerly awesome. God rest Syd's soul.
  • Louis from San Diego, CaEven though the album was mostly written by the inspirations from the falling out of Barrett, you cannot ignore the beauty of the poetic nature behind the social argument Floyd is addressing. They are challenging one of the most fundamental principals of society, every persons place in it. If I were to pick a single phrase out of the song (which is not easy) that showed the were this opinion is derived it would have to be: "For long you live and high you fly but only if you ride the tide" This might be one of the most accurate statements ever made. There are so many examples of people who have broken their chains and fought against what was common place and have been destroyed for it (King and Malcolm X). But destroyed doesn't necessarily mean death, it could be the loss of humanity like McMurphy in Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest. In my opinion Dark Side of the Moon could almost be read like an essay on social expectations with Breathe being the thesis, supporting arguments of Money, Time, etc. and the grim conclusion that "There is no dark side of the moon, really. Matter of fact it's all dark" stated by the doorman at Abbey Road. You can see the same concepts in other albums (The Wall is pretty much based on this concept). Pink Floyd is almost Orwellian in ideas. And as for the whole debate about whether or not to be on drugs while listening to pink floyd? Its depends on what you want to hear. Drugs will enhance the sounds, the synthesizing noises following breathe and the orgasmic cries of Great Gig on the Sky. Yet sobriety will allow you to hear to ideas and utilize them to form your own opinion on the subject.
  • Dude from Pine Blizzy, ArThe floyd would also like you all to go to the doctor to get your fan disease checked out
  • Chris from Everett, Wathey didnt influence any bands, people are to afraid to play there kind of music and they dont know how to experiment, floyd are the ultimate masters of experimentation, they didnt want ot sound like everyone else, thats why the media put the drug thing down on them, because they were different
  • Ryan from Plano, TxThis song has also been covered by the Canadian stoner rock band Sea of Green. Their cover version also tags along a completely reinterpreted and shortened version of "On the Run" and finally the reprise version of "Breathe".
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaI just thought- Breathe symbolizes freedom. But think about- what exactly does freedom mean to a human?
  • Tyler from Petaluma, CaDSOTM and Wizard of Oz facts: Breath

    Breath starts at almost the exact point as you first see Dorothy. In the Line "Don't be affraid to care" Auntie Em takes away a chick Dorothy was caressing. In the line "look around choose your own ground" dorothy walks away angerly. In the line "Balanced on the biggest wave, race towoards an early grave" Dorothy falls into the pigpen
  • Aylin from MontrealBrilliant observation #1: Unsuprisingly, most comments on this song, indeed most for any PF song, have something to do with drugs.
    Brilliant observation #2: The Floyd's roots, at least, were in the psychedelic genre -- described in the Britannica as "a style of rock music largely inspired by so-called 'mind-expanding' drugs."
    Brilliant observation #3: Pink Floyd appeals to a wide range of people, many of which enjoy the music without the enhancing properties of drugs.
    Brilliant observation #4: I've ended each of my observations with the word, "drugs."

    Just thought I'd try to clear one or two things up.
  • Jerry619 from San Diego, United Stateswhen u talk about the greatest rock album of all dark side of the moon has convincing arguements to be #1! simply magical,visionary out of this world it is! fact is i cant think of another album with the same arguemnets besides abbey road!zeppelin got nothing on floyd or the beatles!
  • Nick from Solvang, CaThe line "all you touch, and all you see, is all your life will ever be" is very simular to eclipse. "all that you touch, and all that you see." I'm sure Pink Floyd did this on purpose.
  • Joey from Hw, United Statessince i don't know so much about pf, i didn't know anything about what these songs meant, i didn't even take it into concideration. so thanks for helping me understand. dsotm. remarkable
  • Rahul from Ottawa, CanadaThrough the song 'Breathe', Waters mocks the modern world's obsession with work and the accompanying rewards. The song is sung in a slightly sarcastic tone and is meant to represent a man talking to a newborn baby and telling him to work his entire life without any breaks or distractions - 'Dig the hole,forget the sun;when at last the work is done,don't sit down it's time to dig another one'.
    As for the drugs issue, I'd like to add my opinion. I have listened to Pink Floyd and watched their live videos while on weed and hashish and am planning to do so on LSD soon. Is it better than listening to it while in a normal state of mind? Yes. But that doesn't mean drugs are necessary to enjoy Pink Floyd, of course not. But they do enhance the experience considerably and I also agree with those of you who think that drugs aren't that bad or that addictive, as long as you have a certain level of self control. So yes, for those of you who haven't tried drugs yet but are open to the idea, do it while listening to your favourite Pink Floyd song or watching a live performance(Pulse for instance). You will begin to relate to the song in an undescribable manner, as if the song was written just for you. Thank you Pink Floyd for the wonderful music... I don't think they'll ever know how many people's lives they've changed, they certainly have transformed mine.
  • Robert from South Bend, InFor the record Pink Floyd (besides Syd Barrett) never was really much into drugs. They drank a lot though, that's about it. I'm sure they tried it but they did not use drugs much.
  • Chris from Hamilton, CanadaBreathe is a favourite of mine. I like the sequence Pink Floyd chose for the DSOTM. Breathe is telling you how your life is going to be and to stay alive by "riding the tide" or going with it. Then On The Run is running from time and living your life running from time.
    Then you have Time which is when it catches up with you and you wish you had more. I think Breathe Reprise is sort of coming to terms with Time and living your life.
  • Ej from New York City, Ncpink floyd did drugs wuts the big deal, every1 experiments with em, theyre still the greatest band ever
  • Syd Beltran from San Fernado, Cawell roger and syd did smoke on their early years but as roger got older he stoped to get bigger in music drugs are not bad but if you abuse them thats a defferent story pink floyd is my families faborite band my dad got to see them for the animals tour and the 1994 i am planing on seeing them in amsterdamb on 2006
  • Tsingtao from San Francisco, Ca
    Pink Floyd's music had a profound effect on my life. Some of the only music that can bring me to tears even after hearing it a hundred times. The Wall, Dark Side (well...Pulse), along with a little help from the Doors probably kept me from commiting suicide once or twice (not to be too dramatic)in high school and college.
    Yeah, lots of people say drugs will help you get the full experience, but I don't think it's really necessary. My public school education and 4 years of College lead me to simply think that when you scramble your brain with drugs, any rythmic patterns of sound will FEEL great, as your brain is desperately trying to make sense out of the chemical chaos you've thrown it into and the rythme in music provides precisely the order that your brain is struggling to reinstate (lamaze for you brain if you will). I'm sure it feels great, but I don't know if there is really any deeper 'understanding' derived from it...except perhaps to empathise with the many artist out there struggling with drug addictions...the inexplicable feeling and the temptation to experience again and again...
    I don't speak from experience as far as acid or pot goes, but I once went to Pink Floyd laser show and brought a fair bit of Lychee wine in with me (some in my gut, some in a bottle) WAS a rather glacial experience. And I've spent a few summer evenings floating in a pool on an airmatress sipping beer and listening to the Floyd (which is probably not a really safe...).
    The alcohol and drugs might help you relax physically, but all in all Pink Floyds music is simply beautiful and insightful...and whether or not it was itself inspired by drugs, I don't think there is any deeper meaning than that...

    Nor do I think there needs to be...but that's all just my opinion...
  • Jo-c from Lima, PeruOoh... Pink Floyd were doing no drugs when this album came out. Suck on that. Best album ever, in my opinion.
  • Akshay from Hyd, IndiaThe whole thing about reality and illusion, Truth and Lies and Heaven and Hell comes down to what WE believe Now, lets not look at this song in BLACK & WHITE, if you want it to be bout drugs it sure is if you think its not it aint!
    Take some time out 'Breath, Breath in the air! Don't be afraid to care'
    Did it sound like Drugs??
    But, what if you had the word cocaine on your mind!
    People that's the way these kind of lyrics work!
  • Stephen from Altamont, IlBreathe is the first song on the album, Dark Side of the Moon, which ironically has a connection with the Wizard of Oz. Look it up :)
  • Patrick from Conyers, GaWho needs acid? Dark room, no windows, door closed, phons unplugged/other electrical devices turned off. Just absolute silence. Now, put this album into a CD player, and listen with headphones.
  • Antonio from Granada, SpainA song that almost steps into meditation, it has a healing touch, once you are overwhelmed, all you can do is Breathe...
  • Phil from Niagara Falls, Canadaisnt the entire song title "Breath in the air"
  • Elysia from Hamilton, New ZealandGeorge (Altoona, PA) I know exactly what you mean! It's almost scary how you can see and feel the meaning of so much with the best combination: Acid and Pink Floyd. I have learnt so much through their music and the acid intensifies that experience to the ULTIMATE...
    Best Band ever, Dark Side of the Moon = BEST ALBUM ever...beyond words so I won't even try.
  • Ricky from Maui, HiAnother good example of the use of the Syd Barret experience as inspiration is the song, "Wish you were here."

    Syd, you think you can tell the difference between heaven and hell, between a smile and a veil?

    Did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts? To trade cold comfort for change?

    How I wish you were here.

    And of course the whole "The Wall." Fictionalized but inspired by a real person.
  • Tc from Oregon, Orwhat does anybody know about the whispers on this album? the quiet spoken words that you can hear at certain places in the songs if you turn the volume way up. why did the floyd put them on the songs?
  • Ricky from Maui, HiThis song is (my favorite and) another example of the band devoting their entire inspiration to Syd Barrett. Syd was born schizophrenic, as almost all schizophrenics are. Pot and mesc and acid did not do it to him.

    The funerial song was addressing Syd, who was leaving the band, perhaps even killing the golden goose. Take a breath, Syd. Look around. Choose your own ground. You don't have to go away in order to leave.

    Oh, sure, Run! Work on that schizophrenia. Dig that hole. Let the docs pump you full of thorazine. Something more and better will come along, so don't sit down when the work is done, when you're stabilized. They've got you and they'll keep you with more new better holes to dig.

    All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be, so, stay with the band, Syd. Don't withdraw. Your life will be fuller if you stay with the band.

    Long you live, high you fly, only if you ride the tide of the band, Syd. But if you try to take on the massive task of restructuring your whole personality with these charletan doctors, well, that's one giant wave to ride. You're racing towards an early grave.

    And a verse was omitted:

    Home, home again.
    I like to be here when I can.
    When I come home cold and tired,
    It's good to warm my bones beside the fire.

    Far away across the field,
    The tolling of the iron bell
    Calls the faithful to their knees
    To hear the softly spoken magic spells.
  • Pete from Carbondale, PaOne thing many people overlook is that Dark Side of the Moon was on Billboard magazine's album charts for 741 weeks or roughly 15 1/2 years.Impressive to say the very least!
  • Steve from Grand Rapids, Mihmm.. u dont really need something like weed or acid to understand pink floyd. to me, its all about the music.. the first time i heard the transition from the screams of 'speak to me' to the soothing sounds of 'breathe', i felt like i had been lifted to another place. that whole dark side of the moon album changed my life. it says so much about life, how you live it, the pressures of modern day society, acceptance, greed,fear,old age,death,hope..... its just a beautiful album with so much insight..also try listening to it while watching the wizard of oz.
  • Tim from Sydney, AustraliaAnthony - Society links Pink floyd and drugs because the link is there. Did you think that Sid Barrett spent that much time in Fulbourne Mental hospital becaus he just needed a break.. LSD was very much a part of the writing and performing process for the band. RIP Sid.. forever remembered not only for being off your head but for the music you made..
  • John from Omaha, Nedark side of the moon is the greatest album ever.
  • Shane from Sandy, UtThe first voice you here on "Speak to Me" says, "I've been mad for f****** years, absolutely years, been over the edge for yonks, been working me buns off for bands..." This is Floyd's then road manager Chris Adamson. Then it's Jerry Driscoll announcing, "I've always been mad. I know I've been mad like the most of us have." Jerry Driscoll was the Abbey Road recording studio's doorman. His insightful mutterings make-up the majority of the album's spoken word fragments.

  • Joe from Bethlahem, PaRight you are ashley.
  • Kieran from D.c., Vaone word for this song, trippy
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaThose of us who TRULY get the meaning of Pink Floyd's music do not have to be on drugs!!!
  • Nelle from Lima, PeruGeorge in Altoona: I'm sooo doing it one of this days...i'll let you know ;)
  • Nelle from Lima, PeruJajajaja....I thought that his friends MAry-Jo was a drug!!!!!!:)
  • Dominique from Baton Rouge, Lahmm.. I always thought it was about stopping drugs 'for long you live and high you fly, but only if you ride the tide. balanced on the biggest wave, you race towards an early grave.'... i don't know
  • Ash from Charleston, WvTo Jess in NY: you are absolutely correct. He does say, "I've been made for f****** years, absolutely years..." towards the start of the song.
  • Ash from Charleston, WvJess in Springfield, IL: Listen to Kent Lyle in Palo Alto, CA. He's exactly right. Gilmour sings lead on "Breathe." The lead on "Hey You" does shift back and forth between Gilmour and Waters, however. It's Gilmour up until the final verse, actually, which is sung by Waters. And Matt in Syracuse: sorry. I'm pretty sure that's Gilmour singing "Us and Them" as well.
  • Brett from Watertown, SdOf course Pink Floyd experimented with drugs. It's hard to find a great artiist that hasn't used mind altering substances for inspiration. Nobody can completely understand a Pink Floyd album unless you wrote it of course, acid may open the doors of perception but it doesn't give someone who's never heard the floyd all access
  • Wade from Houston, TxAccording to the booklet in the front of the Echoes compilation CD, David Gilmour did vocals for Us and Them.
  • Matt from Syracuse, NyThat is wrong. Rick Wright sang (and wrote) Us and Them.
  • Kent Lyle from Palo Alto, CaThe instrumental "On the Run", which follows "Breathe", consisted of Roger and Dave's experiments with the VCS3 synthesizer. Oddly enough, Rick sat this one out. One of Pink Floyd's last truly avant-garde compositions.
  • Kent Lyle from Palo Alto, CaDave sings all songs on this album except "Brain Damage" and "Eclipse", if we ignore the guest vocalists for the sake of argument. (Note: Rick Wright briefly sings lead on "Time"; it was his last lead vocal for two decades.) As time went on, Roger became the more dominant vocalist, songwriter, etc.
  • Jess from Springfeild, IlDoes anyone know who the lead singer is? I know Roger writes the lyrics but I can tell a difference in vocals between songs like "Hey you" and "Breathe"...just as examples. If anyone could explain to me if they switch or what's going on I would find it most helpful.
  • Jess from NyMaybe I'm hearing things but at around 0:38(when the drum first starts)you hear someone in say "I've been mad for f****** years".
  • Mark from Moscow, United StatesBreathe breathe in the air don't be afraid to care.A simple line with so much meaning.
    Don't care to much about life in other words.Here today gone........
  • Nickc from Ft. Wayne, InBreathe is about taking the time to, uh, breathe. It's part of the whole album's theme of the pressures of society crushing down on a person. This song described the pressures of work and obligation, etc..., and then tells you not to forget to relax and catch your breath.
  • Zaphod from Montreal, United StatesI have to say, as a thirtysomething that my first experience with this album was with my good freind Mary-Jo. Together we felt the loneliness and angst that I'm sure the artists felt when they wrote these songs. I then rediscovered this album some years ago sitting at my desk at work. Imagine that! This is the only album with the exception of Bat Out Of Hell, that can take you on an hour long ride of emotions and experiences. I feel that the reason that this album has lasted as long as it did on the charts is EVERYBODY can relate to these songs!!! You don't need drugs.
  • Kabrams from Dallas, Txhaha its about the beginning of life... you don't need drugs to understand that. by the way, any music sounds cooler when you're high, not just pink floyd.
  • Will from Portland, OrOK everyone says get high and you'll understand Pink Floyd. If you have done it, just explain it to us! Please!

  • John from Garfield, Njdo you ppl get the meaning of this song^^^^^
  • Corey from Dark Side Of The Moon, OtherI agree with Mike, this is the best opening for an album. Specially for this one... the greatest album ever made.
  • Chris from Victoria, TxDrugs may not be needed to enjoy a Pink Floyd experience. But they sure do enhance it.
  • Terri Lynn from Heart's Desire, Canadapersonally i think that pink floyd music is great, for a variety of reasons. this song included... and while some people associated the music with drugs thats now what it is totally based on. i agree that some of the concepts are out there *the wall movie is something that totally perplexes me to this day* i dont think that drugs are truly needed to enjoy the music.
  • Mike from Mountlake Terrace, WaAbsolutely, without a doubt, the best opening to any album on the face of the earth -- the best album on the face of the earth - or the moon!
  • Joel from Panama City, FlDrugies or not Pink Floyd still is a great band and influenced 99% of the bands out there
  • George from Altoona, Paeat some acid and listen to this song, in fact eat some acid and listen to a pink floyd album and you'll COMPLETELY understand EVERYTHING!
  • Anthony from Wantagh, NyIt's a wonder to me how society seems to associate Pink Floyd with druggs. Humanity is clearly ignorant. The genious of Roger and Dave, as well as there artistic abilities form music not to be listened to, but to be expirienced. Pink Floyd lives forever.
  • Ben from New York, NySmoke a fat spliff while you listen to this opening sequence. Sit there in wonder while the rest of the album plays. Well worth the time!
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