Wot's...Uh The Deal

Album: Obscured By Clouds (1972)


  • Written by Roger Waters, the song features multi-tracked vocals by David Gilmour.
  • This song was never performed live by Pink Floyd, but while on tour promoting his album On An Island Gilmour performed this song at several shows. >>
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    James - Alberta, Canada, for above 2
  • The Seattle group Sky Cries Mary does a version of this song on the album Saucerful Of Pink: A Tribute to Pink Floyd. >>
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    Dogma - KZMZ, Alexandria, LA

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  • Nik Gnashers from Lincolnshire, UkOne of my favourites, and one I play myself at open mic nights.
  • Jason from Raleigh, NcIs it crazy that this might be my favorite Floyd song?
  • Matt from Winter Park, FlThe lyrics to this song almost synched to my life when I first moved away from home. I was so far from home and alone for a while and every time I hear David singing "MIllion miles from home, your all alone..." I get the chills. A most beautiful song by Pink Floyd.
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InI find this song absolutely gorgeous, with Dave's gentle singing and his guitar simply crying out joyfully.
    Dave was smart to perform it live for his solo tours, especially considering how Floyd would not do it live.
  • Chuck from Joppa, Md, MdUhm. Song was definitely a collaboration...and GILMOUR wrote the music. Hence, why he's been performing it live a lot recently.
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