Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk

Album: Every Second Counts (2006)
  • Frontman Tom Higgenson told Clickmusic the story behind this song: "Basically, there was a time where there were a few different girls who would call me up. They're all like, 'I love you, I miss you, I can't wait to see you!' And then when you do actually see that person a few days later, they're like 'oh, did I call you the other night? I'm sorry, I was so drunk.' They act like they don't know what they were doing, they don't remember, and they're like a cold fish and want nothing to do with you in real life."

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  • Bethanii from Okc, Oki think that this song is so very true.
    people throw around the word love like its nothing. and they hav no way to back up their words.. im kinda tired of it.
    i think u should only tell someone u love them if u really and truly do. [[oh and being drunk is no excuse]]
  • Lexie from London, EnglandWow, the Plain White T's are really sore on the topic of girls! Have any of their girls actually stuck around long enough to be the subject of a successful romance? Or even a happy long? And Hey There Delilah doesn't count - it's depressing! X
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