Bust It Baby (Part 2)

Album: Definition of Real (2008)
Charted: 7


  • This features Ne-Yo. Baller Status asked Plies why he chose to collaborate with the R&B artist when his previous collaborations had been with people with more "street images." The rapper replied: "I don't allow myself to get caught up in the images people have. [Ne-Yo] has produced so many hits, it just felt right to do the song with him. I think that 'street image' is overrated anyway. It was a challenge for me trying to bring him into my world and see if I could come up with a big record and I think we did that."
  • In the same interview Plies explained why he chose to release this as a single: "The first part to 'Bust It Baby' had only me on it. I wanted the first look for the album to be me. When everyone heard the second one featuring Ne-Yo, it was a no-brainer for the single. Everyone expects it to be one of the biggest records of 2008 and I feel real good about it."
  • Plies grew up in the East Dunbar section of Fort Myers, Florida, and the term Bust It Baby originated from the now torn down housing projects in the area.
  • This samples Janet Jackson's 1990 single "Come Back To Me."
  • djbooth.net asked Plies what his original plan had been for Bust It Baby Parts 1& 2. The Florida rapper replied: "It worked out better than I actually thought. We kinda wanted to do something different this time around and try to release a two-headed monster, a part one that was all me and gave you a fresh look, me bein' on a record by myself, what we call an underbelly record, and then came back with a part two that we though was going to be a monster at radio. I never thought it was actually going to be this big; I'd be lyin' to you if I told you otherwise."
  • Plies told Billboard magazine: "I strategically work with who I respect as a fellow artist. I met Ne-Yo in California and he told me how big a fan he was of my work and I told him the same about him. Then he blessed me with the 'Bust It Baby Part 2' chorus, which has been the quickest-growing record in my history. I can't thank him enough."


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