Album: The Real Testament (2007)
Charted: 66 14
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  • This features Akon, who also produced the track. In 2006 Plies was originally going to record the hit single, "I Wanna Love You," but Akon ended up taking the song. Djbooth.net asked the Florida rapper if "Hypnotize" was an attempt by the Sengalese-American singer to say sorry. Plies replied: "One thing about information that I love most about it is that anything is going to be perceived how the person who posts it want it to seem. To say that Akon took a record from me, I let people think about whatever situation that it comes to me, whatever they want to think about it. I don't try to this and that too much, and I feel like it's a blessing, man. I feel like me and him had to have a good rapport for him to be featured on my album, so with that being said I feel like he got a hell of a successful career that he's established, and I take my hat off to him for that. So, I always be that type of person. But information - it's always funny to me, whether it's a government name or a quote unquote, 'beef issue,' it always be what people want it to be and it always be mis-opinionated in my opinion."
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