Ave Mary A
by Pink

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  • According to Pink's website, this song concerns world and social issues. The singer is asking for help in letting go from "the chaos around me" and dealing with a "world gone mad."
  • This was co-written and co-produced by frequent Pink collaborator Billy Mann with the assistance of Al Clay. Pink explained: "Me and Billy wrote that song and then we brought in Al Clay, whose does a lot of my post-production and mixing. He's amazing and hilarious and he smokes really good cigars. He's kind of like our clean up guy and he's so much fun."
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  • Ernesto from Burton-on-trent, United Kingdomit refers to ave maria the mother of god
  • Trina from New York, NyWhoa, I'm surprised no one's made a comment before me...this is an interesting song. I hate that Pink does all these liberal songs, since I don't care about her political opinions, but this was interesting...I'd love to know what "ah-vay mary ah" is.
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