How Come You're Not Here
by Pink

Album: The Truth About Love (2012)


  • This song finds Pink recalling a fling her husband Carey Hart had when the couple briefly separated in the late 2000s. She told Billboard magazine: "It's funny. I wrote 'Family Portrait' when I was 21 and my parents divorced when I was 9, so I tend to hold onto things. I'm still exorcising some of those demons. And look, I'm in a relationship that I've been in for 10 years and it's never going to be perfect. Carey always jokes, 'You're always just mad enough at me to write a song.' 'Yep. Thanks, baby, you're my muse.'"
  • Pink's baby daughter, Willow, plays bells on this song. "She's actually quite talented for a 13-month-old!" Pink laughed to MTV News. "There was a basket of s---, and she came over and pulled out the bells and started banging on them, and I was like, 'Record it!'"
  • Pink told The Independent on Sunday that she'd been waiting "years" to write the song. "You know, we had that break-up, and that second verse is my favorite second verse that I've ever written," she said. "''I heard some rumors about another girl. I heard she's cute but she stores nuts like a squirrel. That's all cool. I'll wait right here till you get bored. And she gets carded for beer…'" (laughs). "That kind of s--t I have in my back pocket. It's so easy to go back there."


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