• This is the first single from Pop Evil's fourth studio album, Up. "The message to embrace life one step at a time, mixed with an infectious groove, made 'Footsteps' an obvious choice for the first single," said singer Leigh Kakaty.
  • The inspiration behind the songs on Up came from a personal reawakening for Kakaty. "Our last album, Onyx, was written from such a dark place because of the struggles to get to the next level in our career," he explained. "We really were in the trenches making that album. It was so important when writing this new album to put the darkness behind us and start focusing on a positive mindset. One step at a time, and we look forward to the future through hard work and persistence. We're coming!"
  • The song's music video was was directed by Pop Evil's longtime collaborator Johan Carlén. "We challenged ourselves to come up with something different for the viewer," said Leigh Kakaty. "Johan brought our vision to a whole new light, as it's reflected through this amazing piece of art."

    The video relates to the band's underdog mentality. Said Kakaty: "It's very metaphorical to how Pop Evil was 'us against the world' in some instances. When you think of Michigan rock and roll, you think of Detroit, you don't think of Grand Rapids or the western side of the state. And that's where we came from. So we always felt like we were in a whole other different world, trying to fight through to be heard. Now we can finally represent that in kind of a superhuman way. Normal people have superhuman powers sometimes when you can make the difference and you just decide to be more positive." (Here's our full Leigh Kakaty interview.)


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