Let The Chaos Reign

Album: Versatile (2020)


  • Pop Evil frontman Leigh Kakaty calls "Let The Chaos Reign" their "heaviest song to date." Speaking on the Songfacts Podcast in 2021, he said: "Earlier on in our career we didn't want to write these heavy songs that we were told weren't going to get played. But streaming started becoming bigger and bands like Five Finger Death Punch were opening doors for other bands to be heavier."
  • This was the lead single from Versatile, the sixth Pop Evil album and their second with drummer Hayley Cramer. They finished the album just as COVID-19 was taking hold in March 2020; they released the song in April, but waited until May 2021 to put out the album so they could tour behind it.
  • This is a motivational song about powering through challenges and embracing the chaos. With it, Pop Evil joins a number of fiery acts with songs about chaos and with that word in the title. Among them:

    "Addicted to Chaos" by Megadeth
    Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos by Public Enemy
    "Chaos Lives In Everything" by Korn
    "I Worship Chaos" by Children of Bodom


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