• This song finds Post Malone venting about haters during his early years in the music industry and not letting anyone come in the way

    I know my wrist be dancing crazy
    Been on some fly s--t lately
    You should be so damn patient
    Now it's f--k you pay me

    "I'm 21 now but I started off when I was 18. A lot of people push me around and a lot of people don't quite understand the vision yet but I'm done being nice to people," he explained to Genius. "I've had enough. Now it's, 'F--k you pay me. I'm chasing that cheddar.'"
  • The beat was supplied by Louis Bell, who produced or co-produced half of the tracks on Stoney including the hit single "Congratulations." Malone recalled:

    "I was in the studio with Louis Bell, a super dope producer. He records all my stuff, so he made this beat, and I just started doing the melody. It's such a interesting flow, and it's hard to write to, so we sat down there for a couple hours, and I just wrote that. I went in and did a couple drunk scratches in the booth and just kind of figured it out. Going along and adding.

    As the song got more and more structured with the melodies, it was easier to write the words. There's a different theme for the all the stuff. The song is about firearms, flossing, and just having fun. It's like coming back. If you hate on me, it's all going to come back."


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