Sequoia Throne


  • This song deals with subjects like death, God, and (most interestingly) space travel. It was the second single off of 2008's Fortress. >>
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  • Varrick from Plano, TxOk for those who are looking for a little more details; the song is referring to the aliens and demons in our solar space. The song basically stated that we humans do more harm to ourselves than otherworldly things such as creatures in space and demons. For Example: The song references them as "they" as the song states: " They're not the ones who hate us; and mutilate our animals. We are. We are." Stating that we as a human race are more evil than the things we fear most. You must be careful when listening to these guys because in my opinion "THEY ARE HERE TO HURT US"
  • Alex from Beech Grove, InThis song is so amazing!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
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