by PSY

Album: single release only (2014)
Charted: 26
  • This raucous party anthem features Snoop Dogg. PSY told Billboard magazine that he immediately thought of the Californian rapper when the track's title popped into his head. "One day I wrote a hip-hop track and I thought about one catchy word," he said. "I was hungover and I thought about hangover, so I just recorded it right away. As soon as I got that hook part I thought about Snoop Dogg, because we all know he's hanging over every day."

    Pasy added that securing Snoop's services proved simple. "I called him and said 'I'm PSY, do you know me?' and he was like 'What?'" he recalled. "I said 'can you feature on my song' and he's asking the title and I say 'Hangover.' And he said, 'Oh, I'm doing it.' So, that's how we met."
  • Fans got their first taste of the viral song on June 8, 2014 on a special prime time airing of Jimmy Kimmel Live! following the NBA Finals. The five-minute music video debuted immediately on YouTube following the song's preview.
  • The video features PSY and Snoop Dogg getting their drink on in various Korean locations. The visual was shot in January 2014 during Snoop Dogg's visit to South Korea, but it appears the Korean star waited for the summer hangover season to begin before releasing it. "Snoop and I both had only 18 hours," PSY told MTV News. "Snoop's calculation was 8 hours of shooting and 10 hours of partying. That's what he thought, and honestly, that's how I convinced him to bring him to Korea."


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