Puddle of Mudd

Wes ScantlinVocals, guitar
Doug ArditoBass
Paul PhillipsGuitar
Greg UpchurchDrums
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  • They were the first band signed to Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst's label, Flawless. Scantlin was headed to New Orleans to manage his stripper girlfriend's career, when Durst got a hold of his demo.
  • Prior to Puddle of Mudd, Upchurch played in a band with Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell. Scantlin was a construction worker.
  • Their influences include Tom Waits, Queen, Pantera, and Alice in Chains.
  • The band first played together at a Vivid Video porn party. They were paid with DVDs and tapes.
  • Their name comes from when they lived in Missouri and the Mississippi River would flood. They couldn't rehearse because their rehearsal space was a puddle of mud.
  • Scantlin has nodules in his throat from too much screaming and smoking. His doctor, though, advised him not to get them removed because it could alter his singing voice.
  • Ardito says the moment he wanted to be a musician was when he went to a J. Geils Band show and saw Peter Wolf's gigantic hickey. Scantlin's moment came at a Van Halen show, for which he skipped a soccer game. He got kicked off the team.
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  • Zero from The Abyss, NjThis band lip-synchs now because Wes is too messed up on drugs/alcohol to sing and play guitar at the same time or remember the words to his own songs. Wes will never be close to being the next Kurt and in my opinion this band shouldn't be idolized especially because of all the problems Wes has with the law. He's also been known to abuse women.
  • Donald from Maple Ridge, Bc, CanadaClose to being the next Kurt? Maybe. But Wes is great in his own way too, just as Kurt was and like Kurt, I think Wes is in his own league. And the reet of the band is great. All around awesomeness! I have yet to hear a song that I have not loved from them. Puddls Of Mudd KEEP ON ROCKIN' YEAH!!
  • Zero from The Abyss, NjTheir first gig would've been played somewhere between '92-'94 so they would not have been paid with DVD's.
  • Jez from Ashford, United KingdomFor those who reckon there's a Nirvana influence , listen to Alice in Chains. With the video off it's hard to tell the difference.
  • Keriah from Naples, FlI thought that I was the only person in the world who saw the similarities BETWEEN nivana and puddle of mudd. lead singer Wes Scantlin reminds me of Kurt Cobain and everything about this band reminds me of Nirvana. I'm gald to see that oher people can see the similarities between them. I am also very surprise that they don't mention Nirvana as influence on their music but I thinjk they are aware of the similarities and are trying to distant themselves ffrom nirvana. and Becca from IL I think Wes is good but no one is the next KURT. when I FIRST HEARD THIS BAND I WAS DRAWN TO THEM BECAUSE I WANTED THEM TO FILL THE VOID THAT NIRVANA LEFT BUT NO ONE CAN DO THAT. BUT THIS BAND IS REALLY GOOD TOO OVIOUSLY THEY AND NO ONE ELSE CAN COMPARE TO NIRVANA BUY I LIKE THEM ANYWAYS, RIP KURT I LOVE YOU. ROCK ON PUDDLE OF MUDD.
  • Crystal from Niagara Falls, NyI am trying to find out a bit of Wes' family tree. I too am a Scantlin whos family lines still run deep in the St. James, Missouri area, and are spread out in Paso Robles, Ca (where i am originally from). Can anyone provide me with info? The last family reunion I attended was in St. James, Mo 1989. email is dragonflei@rock.com
  • Becca from Belleville, IlI have always said to my brother,"Wes is the next Kurt."
  • Crystal from Springfield, MoPersonally, I can't believe Nirvana isn't sighted as one of their influences. Not only does Wes's voice sound like Kurt's, but even his vocal style (i.e. singing the verses, screaming the lyrics) is similar. He even has the stringy, blond hair, shoulder length hair.
  • I Dunno from Shelby, NcNope they do it to be "different", use that thing in your skull. It's called a brain.
  • Dana from Washington Dc, MdI agree with John. Something about Wes just reminds me of Kurt. Wes will never be as good as Kurt (no one will) but there's something there.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjThey probably spell it "Mudd" just to be cool.
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