Album: Come Clean (2001)
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  • Lead singer Wes Scantlin wrote this about his desire to be a good dad and hang with his kid.
  • This angered Scantlin's son's mother when she first heard it. She and Wes are separated. Scantlin claims that this song helped bring some issues into the open and improved their relationship.
  • This was the second single off their debut album. The first was "Control."
  • The child playing Wes Scantlin's son in the video is in fact his real son. >>
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  • Wes Scantlin from Puddle Of MudMan I created this song hehe
  • Jean Jeannie from EarthThis song rips my heart into tiny, little pieces; but, then, it helps mend it too -- Something I've been working on for so damn long... When you're married to anyone who is extremely high up in the military machine, it's impossible to tell people that you haven't left your nightmare because they've told you, over and over, again, "If you ever try to leave me, I'll kill your Dad and your Stepmom (My Mom died 11 days after I turned 13); then I'll kill your son (He was so little back then); then, to top it off, he tells you that he'll make you watch it all, and then he'll kill you. He was an expert in training a special group in "silent kill." So, who does the machine believe; or who do they not really believe but have to keep their reputations intact? Exactly... He was always careful to make certain that no one ever heard his threats other than me. It took me 12 & 1/2 years to safely get my son and me away from him: all done with no help from the military or any lawyer either. I did exactly what I knew I'd have to do to protect my son and my family: get it on tape without his knowledge. You know when I finally felt like my son and my family and me were safe? The day he died.
  • Donna from FlWhen I first heard this song it made so much sense to me. My first husband was never connected to me. I tried so hard. He only cared about himself and only catered to his mother who lived with us. Even though the lyrics seem to reaching out to the other person, I realized that I had spent almost two decades of giving and trying and I was now just about done. I stayed another 5 years for my children and then I left this abusive man. This song was a real inspiration to me. He would never take the pain away from me that he literally shoved in my face. He had put oceans in between us but we weren't very far away, space wise since we were living in the same house. He chose to shut me out. I stopped trying to make him my someone, my scene. I realized I didn't matter to him and never would. He was shocked when I left. It was the best thing I ever did. I wasted 27 years of my life on that man. I am now very happily married for the second time to a man who loves me for who I am and I love him for who he is. I am now very ill at this point in my life and not as financially stable (as my first husband was very wealthy) but I have never been more grateful to God and I am the happiest I have ever been in my life! It is all too true that money can not buy happiness and it can never buy love, ever.
  • Briana from TexasThis song is one of my favorites, it has made a huge impact on me and my life. I have listened to this song through some of the hardest times and it has helped me more than I can really word. It's so powerful and can have so many different meanings for each, it can be a heartbreak, definitely a love song, for a complicated situation, for your child, for a friendship, for a loss and so on. it has helped with my anexity and depression and my own personal battles also has spoke to me through loving someone who was an addict. it is my favorite always. will forever be grateful for it.
  • Donald from Maple Ridge, Bc, CanadaOne of my favorite songs. I can relate to what Wes says all throughout this song. My ex took my kid away and despite all my efforts with court, I have not been able to see her in over 7 years. And when he says "everybody's changing there's no one left that's real" I can relate to that because everybody in the last week has either turned their backs on me or betrayed me in the last week since I got arrested for bs charges and now I am facing everything alone. No one in my life has been real through this, so when he says that it's like he's telling me "been there, done that. You're not alone."
  • Zero from The Abyss, NjThe intro with the guitar harmonics was written by Doug Ardito.
  • Anon from Kansas City, MoThis literally made me cry, that little blonde haired blue eyed cutie in the video is 18 and asleep right now. I can't go to sleep because I can't stop thinking about him. I'm starting to see why he's so f--ked up in the head, also I'm pretty sure I'm madly in love with him. Wes if you see this f--k you for not trying harder.
  • Aew from Boston, MaThis song relates to a lot of people in many ways. Wes, I must thank you. Tho things can get rough in marriage, my wife an I are together for the last 15+ years. My son is ten, two weeks before his birth my father passed away. He was everything to me as I realized even more with his passing. With my sons birth I saw a lot of mannerisms of my father in my son as he grew. Hearing this song only reminds me of how very strongly I feel for my son. Being the youngest of 6 with 3 older brothers, I often got lost in the shuffle. I'll never let any of the the short comings of my up-bringing enter his world. This song will always remind me of that...
  • Sara from Union City, TnI can never get enough of this song EVER!!!!
  • Nadeem from Jakarta, IndonesiaFirst time I saw Blurry's video clip was in around 2005. It was so stunning for me because that time my ex-wife had taken my lovely little son away from me... Those lyrics really represented my feelings... How I missed my son so much, felt my life was so ruin,the entire world collapsed down, my hope was dying to see him again, etc.... Everytime I missed him, I played this song & sing along loudly, but I never could finish singing the whole song without crying... After some miserable years, but still, until now I can't sing this song without crying...!! Eventhough he's living with me now & I'm so happy for that.
    This song will always remind me of how I love my son so much & can't bare to be away from him again.... This song is always be one of my favourite song... Ever!!!
  • Marianne from Kimberley,Have you ever wondered why the song is called Blurry?? It's just a theory, but I think it's because when you're eyes tear up, everything you see is blurry...
  • Juan from La Mirada, CaI love this song. But a FF8 music video? It's not good enough for this song.
  • Nathan from Calais, Meevery time i hear this song all i can think of is this girl i love, especially when Wes says "You could be my some one You could be my scene".
  • Charlie from Philadelphia Area, PaThis song is important to me because my parents were divorced and my dad said it reminded me of him... now i am finishing up a nasty voice and it reminds me of my son.
  • Charlie from Philadelphia Area, PaThis song is important to me because my parents were divorced and my dad said it reminded me of him... now i am finishing up a nasty voice and it reminds me of my son.
  • John from Monterey Park, CaIncredible song! I'm going through a similar situation and the loss of one's children because of the divorce laws and the whim of a spouse is unbelievably frustrating. Our kids are our future and we are obligated to protect them and provide the most stable environment possible.
  • Jeff from Austin, TxI thought this band was pretty crap when I first heard them and then I heard that Fred Durst was the producer. That changed my whole opinion. Puddle of Mudd Sucks the sweat off of Fred Durst's bald head. Completely unoriginal, uninspired drivel.
  • Julie from Taylor, Txpuddle of mudd's best song ever! once you find the true meaning of it... you too will become completely obsessed with this song. BEAUTIFUL.
  • Gabreya from Pine Bluff, AkThis is another one of the depressing, sad rock songs that sounds good but it leaves an empty hole inside. Even the music video is EXTREMELY SAD! I see the frontman with his little boy in the video and holding him. He's taking good care of him and loving him. And I kind of rarely see guys do that with their children these days. And the little boy is going through abuse at home with his stupid mother and her stupid boyfriend. Sniff, sniff. And the boy had to go back to his terrible life, away from his daddy. This song gets me everytime. It's lovely but it's sad.
  • Jeremy from Chicago, IlThis Song rox, it it one of my favorites, The other, is "Away From Me" off "Life On Display"
  • Joel from Columbia, ScI really like this song. It's a lot softer than the other songs.
  • Mitch from New York, NyThis a great song for the sole reason that its different then anything else out there. it also a brilliant combination of ebery type of rock song.
  • Sam from Amesbury, MaI absoluetly love this song. Back in 2001 my mom was drinking a lot because my parents were getting divorced and my big brother had this CD and played Blurry over and over when our parents were fighting. I can just remember hearing this song every other night. This song means a lot to me.
  • Francesca from Preston, EnglandI had no idea what the song was really about, but i loved it back then and i love it even more now i know! it gives the lyrics more emotion and meaning! it is a beautiful son and i'm gonn ahve it played at my funeral!!!
  • Bill from Philadelphia, PaThis song is a proven classic - it still holds p almost 4 years after release. A lot of power in this one as shown by the other posts. It has a universal appeal which many can identify with.
  • Derek Jordan Sytsma from Las Vegas, NvThis song actually stopped me from hurting myself anymore...some how it showed me that there was more to life than what i was going through...don't ask me how or why but it did
  • Geri from Preston, Englandwhen my mum tried to commit suicide this song helped me be find my self again bring me back 2 reality as it still does when ive been dumped by bf's or want to slit my wrists
  • Matt from Providence, RiThis song is incredible. When this song came out in October/Novemeber 2001, a few weeks later (or after i heard it), my uncle commited suicide. This song meant so much to me. It was a difficult time for me then, I was going through a lot. This song helped me through it all, it's all I would listen to. Ever since then, whenever i felt sad, angry, lonely or whatever, I would listen to this song and go off in my own world and think. This truely is an amazing song. The video is great too, emotional.
    I liked Puddle of Mudd before this song, but this really hit it with me. ever since then, PoM has been one of my top favorite bands. Great band live by the way. I saw them twice, when they headlined a tour and when they played with Nickelback and 3 Doors Down.
  • Alex from Portsmouth, Englandthis song reminds me of year 5,6 and 7. because life was so blurry and everything was so fake. now im in year 9 its come back again, friends are wierd and a person i really, really like is been nice to me in the summer hols and its wierd how things changed ever since that. 1st class song aswell.
  • Mara from Las Vegas, NvI really think this song can really apply to anyone at anytime. It could be about feeling alienated, about your child, about a relationship or friendship gone bad, and that is why it is so popular. I think, even if you dont like the band you have to respect the song for the fact that it is so universal and easy to relate to.
  • Hac Barton from Las Vegas, NvVery, very good song. definitely put POM on the map. oh, FYI, Roger Waters was the main lyricist for Pink Floyd. Gilmour helped with some songs so they could make the rhyme go with the guitar riff, but he wasn't the better lyricist of the 2.
  • Daisy from Ikast, DenmarkOf course there are better lyricist than Wes (or whatever his name is). But the thing about this whole issue, is that it doesn't matter if it's deep, clever lyrics like Bob Marley. What matters when you write lyrics is that it should come from the heart, and if this is how they feel, then why have a freak-out about it?! And anyone would know this if they were true music fans...
  • Alexis from Watervliet, Mithis is a pretty good song. i like the intro and some of the lyrics are deep but most are just thrown together. no offense to P.O.M but this song sorta comes off as a quick hit.
  • Chris from Hull, MaYes...Gilmour. Very underated guitarist (Pink Floyd) - not nearly enough credit, but the best. Not a Marley fan, but Morrison...that is more my style. R. Plant too. I'm open minded enough to like a song regardless of genre. Blurry is a good song in my opinion.
  • Daisy from Ikast, DenmarkI love this song. It has touched me deep, and I just can't get enough of it. I play it all the time...
  • Misti from Milford, InI Just started hearing this song a few weeks ago for the first time, blieve it or not. The fu amazing thing to me is how much it relates to my life right now, anyway....It's a full body has a great melody/music and great lyrics and I love it when the two collide!!!
  • Larissa from Fort Yates, NdI LOVE this song! I could play it 24/7 and never get tired of it because everytime i listen to it I find something new to think about. Something that relates to the song.
  • Joan from Manila, OtherTalk about an instant hit. Blurry is a song that can really hit you real hard, whatever your background is, whoever you are. I was personally touched by its message and video that deals with family and life. I hope there are more songs like this.
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