by Pulp

Album: Razzmatazz Single (1993)
Charted: 50


  • "Stacks" is the first of three songs in the "Inside Susan: A story in Three Songs" trilogy, all three of which were included on the B-side to the "Razzmatazz" single in 1993 - although "Stacks" was left off the 7" vinyl version. The three songs detail the life of a woman called Susan, from youth in Rotherham ("Stacks") through teenage years ("Inside Susan") to a boring domesticated married life in "59 Lyndhurst Grove". A fourth song in this storyline was written, called "The Babysitter," following on from "59 Lyndhurst Grove" and was included on the B-side to "Do You Remember The First Time?"
  • The first part of the "Inside Susan" story is "Stacks," and looks at the adolescent life of Susan as she grows up in Rotherham, UK, and starts to become more and more interested in boys and perhaps experiencing something of a sexual awakening - although sexual acts are nothing more than implied in the lyrics, more through innuendo.


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