Goodbye Horses

Album: Married To The Mob Soundtrack (1988)
  • "Horses" can be symbols of the 5 senses in some Eastern philosophy. These senses are what keep us in the world - give us a sense of existence. Raising above these senses, you are leaving the "horses" behind. Perhaps the singer has been so affected by a loss or something that they have decided to leave the senses of emotion, or "Fly over the horses." >>
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    victoria - gaithersburg, MD

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  • Will from Boston, Magood song but it is hard not to picture a half naked ted levine as jame gumm dancing in the mirror. On an off topic did anybody notice that ted levine was in shutter island?
  • Brad from Long Island, NyJust a little FYI, Ted Levine, who played Buffalo Bill in "Silence" and is considerably exposed during this song, also plays detective Stottlemeyer on the show "Monk", which is a very funny show
  • Stephanie from Anaheim, CaThis song makes every part of me and thank lazzarus for this awesome and deep song its one of my most favorite songs ever.
  • Andrew from Brooklyn, NyWould you **** me?
    I'd **** me.
    I'd **** me so hard.

    Thank you Q. Lazzarus for giving the insane a soundtrack. I always thought this was a Cure song. Apparently Johnathan Demme has used this song in a movie before Silence.
  • Cody from Janesville , WiIts fun to drive up next to people and stare at them when your playing this song really loud. but that aside its a great song
  • Racine from Truro, MaIn a way, I wish they never used this in Silence of the Lambs" because now I can't get the image of that creepy psychopath Buffalo Bill out of my head when I hear it. Still, it's a good song and I do love it.
  • Sonya from Wagoner, OkThe song is also in Married to the Mob and in Clerks 2
  • A.j. from Chicago, IlIt's also played in Silence of the Lambs when the wannabe-transexual killer Buffallo Bill is dancing half-naked. It's creepy.
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