Mother Love

Album: Made In Heaven (1995)
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  • The last song Freddie Mercury recorded, "Mother Love" is part of Queen's last album, Made In Heaven, which was released four years after his death. The group's guitarist, Brian May, explained in the Days of our Lives documentary: "Freddie would say 'give me words, I will sing' so there I was writing on scraps of paper these lines of 'Mother Love.' I would give him a line, he would sing it, then sing it again, then sing it again - so we only had three takes of everything. After he'd finished the second verse, he said 'Oh I don't feel too well, I'm going to go home and we'll finish it tomorrow'... and he never did. That was the last time I saw Freddie in the studio."

    The final verse was written and sung by Brian May a couple of years after Mercury died in November 1991. >>
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  • Roger Taylor is a particular admirer of this song. He notes in the Days of our Lives documentary: "I'm hearing the voice (Freddie's voice) getting... weaker. But I mean he still hits all the notes. There's an absolutely spine-chilling note in the middle of "Mother Love" ("out in the city, in the cold world outside, I don't want pity, just a safe place to hide") which is just a great bit of singing."
  • The lyrics were co-written by Freddie Mercury and Brian May. It is one of the few times in song that Mercury seems to admit his inner pains and struggles of dealing with AIDS ("I'm a man of the world and they say I am strong, but my heart is heavy and my hope is gone") - the other key one being "The Show Must Go On."
  • The random bursts of sound throughout the song and the strange end sounds are small segments of every Queen track ever recorded sped very fast through a tape machine and mashed together. They combine at the end with samples of Mercury's famous 'deh-doh!' vocal interludes with the crowd from Live at Wembley 1986, the synth intro to "One Vision," and a sample from his very first single, "Goin' Back" in 1972, which he performed vocals on under the pseudonym of Larry Lurex. In the context of the song it is obviously meant to show the cyclical nature of life and death, and a man looking back across the entire spectrum of his life and career.

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  • BrendaI have been a die hard fan of Queen, still am and will always be. Mother Love has a personal ache to me. When I came out in the late 80's, feeling that I FINALLY found my tribe, AIDS was rearing it's ugly head and those that I found within 2 or 3 years after my brothers were dying, 33, 26, 21.....OMG, THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!!! Men that JUST started living their lives, wasted away to nothing, I STILL cry over their memory of existence, the ache I actually feel right now, writing this. That ache I feel listening to this haunting tribute, knowing he left us WAY too soon, knowing that ALL that left in this matter, died before their time.
    He found love and compassion with Mary, things that he missed during his childhood to young adult, due to being away from his mother. His passion and soul, trying to find it desperately through the past relationships, I feel he TRULY loved each and every one of them, wearing his whole heart on his sleeve but his deep truth, the one only a parent could unconditionally love and understand, he didn't get that with his mother. I know that his mother loved him DEARLY, also knowing that she wrote Jim Sutton a beautiful letter, thanking him for taking care of AND loving her son, oh could you imagine had this might have happened, present time. We'll never know....its a tragic but beautiful love story!!
    Freddie, you are a force that will live forever in present and future generations, the song "who wants to live forever?" sir, you!!!
    Rest in Paradise love!
  • Emma from Milton Keynes, England, Uk“I don’t want pity, just a safe place to hide” is so hauntingly beautiful. Freddie rocked til the very end until a beating heart was all that was left. People throw the word “legend” around so easily today, but this man truly is a legend. I love how they combined all of Queens songs things that and ended with Freddie’s first song. I wish I was alive in the 70s/80s so I could of had the chance to see him. R.I.P Freddie, your music will live on.
  • Jc from South CarolinaMother Love is so hauntingly beautiful and always brings me to tears. Freddie's voice is still so strong even through his pain and he leaves us all a beautiful gift. I think that when Brian finished this amazing song after Freddie died, he showed us the amazing love he had for his Queen Brother. Freddie will forever live in my heart and I hope that his beautiful spirit is now finally at peace. Thank you sweet man for sharing so much with all of us, we are blessed...
  • AnonymousI think the song is to Mary.
  • Patti B from Sarasota FloridaIt’s sad to listen to Freddie’s voice growing weak but he can still belt out the lyrics. I want to cry when I listen to Freddie sing. The most powerfully beautiful voice of all time. Still love you Freddie.
  • Cheryl from CalgaryI love this song. It gives us an idea of how he suffered.
  • Diana from QueenslandI love this song I cry everytime I hear it. You were much loved Freddie, and will never be forgotten.
  • Maureen Doran from Wicklow, EireI love Mother Love. I think it goes back to his childhood when his parent sent him, age only 8, thousands of miles, all on his own to India to be educated. I think he felt abandoned by his mother. He missed her very much.
  • Shamai Mpshe from Johannesburg This is a sad tribute, performed by a great band to a legend who is performing in pain. Hope I make sense, cause this makes me. He sings so beautiful!!!
  • Margaret from Terre Haute IndianaWhen I watched the documentary Days of Our Lives and Brian told the story I became a blubbering mess. I recently purchased QUEEN FOREVER both on iTunes and from Best Buy and there are days I can't listen my heart breaks over the loss of this amazing musician/artist in such a way as if I had lost my best friend and I have to take a break and regroup myself. Thank you Brian and Roger for continuing to give the world Freddie.
  • Louise from Winton, CaOnly the Greatest Person ever. His music is what he gave to us, an awesome gift from an Awesome Man. When I have a bad day I always think of Freddie and the many tough days he endured.
    Louise, Winton, CA
  • Adam from Boyce, VaOnly the greatest rock vocalist and frontman of any band ever PERIOD could concoct such a heartbreaking song such as this! To this day everytime I hear it I am overcome with such emotion. What a brave and talented man who could confront his own demise and turn it into such a heart wrenching work of art!
  • AnonymousThis song is indeed a tear jerker. Especialy the last verse that Brian sings. The words and the fact that HE is singing it and not Freddie really sews up the tragicness of the song. The song also ends with Going Back. The first song Freddie ever recorded. A nice touch since this was the last song he recorded. RIP Freddie.
  • Rosa from Reading, Englandi cried when i first listened to this. he wasnt just a slut who wanted sex, he want love n warmth that he never got because it was all to late. rip freddie honey, hope your gettin the love you need now babe
  • Amy from Dallas, TxWell said Freddie, Orlando, FL. I cry every time i hear it, its like an arrow going though your heart :(
  • Freddie from Orlando, FlMother love is so beautifully tragic... and... Freddie is just so straight forward with what hes saying: I dont want to sleep with you. I dont need that passionate love... i just need someone who will love me with the sweetest, purest love there is: mother love. Just be there, just take care of me, and stay with me. thats what he wanted, he said hes had enough of his unfuffilling old life...
    " I've walked too long in this lonely lane, Ive had enough of this same old game. I'm a man of the world and say that I'm strong.... but my heart is heavy, and my hope is gone. Out in the city in the cold world outside... I dont want pity;just a safe place to hide. Momma please- let me back inside..."
    my word. you just have to clutch your heart and close your eyes... oh my sweet boy.
  • Ciel from Indianapolis, Inhe put love in this song
  • Katie from Somewhere, NjFreddie's vocals on this track are haunting.
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