No One But You (Only The Good Die Young)

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  • This is the only new song recorded by Queen after the death of Freddie Mercury. Brian May - the writer of the song - and Roger Taylor share the lead vocals. Unlike other music the band made after Mercury's death, it does not contain any extra members on vocals, such as at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert or the Queen and Paul Rodgers tour.
  • The impetus for the song came after the death of Diana, Princess Of Wales in August 1997 but the lyrics are largely a eulogy to Freddie Mercury, as well as other people who have died too young. >>
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  • This is John Deacon's last ever public recording, both with Queen or anywhere else. After this and a few one-off appearances in 1997 with the band, he retired from music and the public eye. He barely ever speaks to his old band mates, but they still apparently communicate with him via email - the rule being that if he doesn't reply, that means he agrees with whatever idea they have suggested!
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  • Mel from PhilippinesThough in an interview, Brian May said this was for Princess Di and others who died so young. But their music video, shows that this song is for Freddie Mercury. May said that it feels like there is someone visiting the set or the shoot, whoever that was and we know that it was Freddie. Part of the The Making of No One But You video, May said that if they are making a video or a gig Freddie would be on a piano. And continued, "There will be cups and stuffs on the piano, and if it was gig there will be a glass of champagne here, at some point he would say "Cheers darling!" Then the last shot of this video shows a glass of champagne on the piano, it is just a simple shot but it speaks one message. This song is for Freddie. No wonder, John, Brian and Taylor, gave it all in this song. This is my most favorite song from Queen.
  • Nikita from Drogheda, IrelandThis is a beautiful song, and is true in every possible way.
  • Blaze from Hendersonville, TnAnother funny thing about Roger singing "Tricky Situation" is that Roger Taylor LOVED It's A Hard Life and absolutely HATED the music video.
  • None from None , WyThe first time I heard this song, I was also watching the video... and I swear, if I could cry... I would have started sobbing. My eyes were damp by the end. Its an intriguiging mix of a song that makes you want to cry to the point that you nearly can't stand listening to it, and a song that you just can't help singing along to.
  • Blaze from Hendersonville, TnYeah, it's mostly for Freddie. It was supposed to show how true they always would be to him. It's full of references to other Queen songs, and little things about Freddie. (An angel reaching for the sky, for example, describes Freddie's memorial statue. Freddie's arm is always reaching in the air.)
  • David from Baden-baden, GermanyThough the song is written after Diana's death, I think it is a song just for Freddie, a tribute to him.
  • Adam from Lake Forest, IlThe phrase "tricky situation" was also used in the song "It's a Hard Life".
  • Dino from Larissa, GreeceOf course only the good die all the great and not only great heroes of rock!!
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaI think this is only for Freddie. It's one of the best queen songs.
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