Was It All Worth It

Album: The Miracle (1989)
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  • Freddie Mercury wrote this with lyrical ideas by the other three band members. The song is very introspective, asking if the sacrifices he and his bandmates made to the gods of rock and roll were worth it. As he recalls their struggle and glory, it becomes clear that it was indeed worth it.
  • Mercury did the orchestral interludes note-by-note done on a Korg M1 keyboard. >>
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    Sebas - Tokyo, Japan
  • Mercury had a very compelling story, but he kept some things intensely private, including his AIDS diagnosis, which came around this time. Even his bandmates didn't know until they began working on their next album, Innuendo, which was the last Queen album released in his lifetime. Mercury's legend grew after his death, and in 2018 a feature film, Bohemian Rhapsody, focused on his journey and the story of Queen.
  • Though "Was It All Worth It" wasn't released as a single it remains popular among the Queen fanbase. Bassist John Deacon cited it as his favorite track on The Miracle.
  • In November 2022, Queen released The Miracle Collector's Edition, a boxed set containing unreleased tracks, alternate takes, demos, and radio interviews. In celebration of its release, the band made available a music video for "Was It All Worth It" directed by Simon Lupton.

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  • Naby :)i absolutely love this song and its message, but the line “i blew my own trumpet” always gets me. what was freddie trying to imply with this?? lol
  • BixIn actual fact this was one of the 3 songs Freddie worked on with Paul McCartney in 1988. They worked on 2 of Paul's songs (Figure of Eight, Beautiful Night) & this song of Freddie's. It was reported that the sessions had to be abandoned because Freddie had too many work engagements but with hindsight it was probably due to his I'll health.
  • Gary So over-the-top...One of their most finest pieces ever...
  • A Random Guy from EarthYes, it was all worth it, Freddie. Byebye.
  • Jessica from Tremonton, UtInteresting - I didn't know about the 'hurlyburly' fact. Cool! This is my favorite song by Queen. I grew up listening to this album all the time. A wonderful, bittersweet song.
  • Andi from Burlington, Nc"When the hurlyburly's done" is a line in Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' (said by the Second Witch). In that context, used in the line "When the hurlyburly's done, when the battle's lost and won," it serves Queen's purpose. In contrast to the demise of Macbeth, after everything, "all these years", it was evidently worth it for Freddie Mercury.
  • Chris from Mainz, GermanyThe Song is found on the Album "The Miracle" (1989) not on "Innuendo" (1991) as stated above!
  • William from London, CanadaIt's not sad at all, because after asking so many times "was it all worth it?", at the end he screams "IT WAS WORTH IT!!". It says that Freddie loved everything he did in his career. :)
  • Amy from Dallas, Tx:( Sad song. 'Was it all worth it?' part
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