Album: Lullabies To Paralyze (2003)
Charted: 44


  • The video for this song appears to be inspired by the artwork of the Black Flag album In My Head, using the same blocks-of-color-with-people-in style (Josh Homme has said he's a big fan of Black Flag).

    Guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen didn't like it. He told Suicide Girls: "It just happened to be the only time we listened to the record label and it was such a f--k up on our part. The video we ended up with for that song is so lame! It was three of us against a green screen with effects added later. It was like a f--king Gap commercial. It was terrible. Just terrible. We were on the road so we weren't in control of it." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France and Tom - Richmond, England
  • Frontman Josh Homme hated the video as well. He recalled to Zane Lowe: "We were making this video and I looked at the thing back and I was like, 'this is terrifyingly awful.' And then I just split. Just split and it's like, 'Where did Josh go?' And I was like, 'He went home.'"

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  • Chapa from Buenos Aires, Argentinadesert sessions 9/10 are from 2003... so 1998 its wrong anyways
  • Ryan from Marlborough, Mano, it is 1998 because it was produced off of their desert sessions (9-10)
  • Wade from Katy, TxThis song is featured in the video game, "Need for Speed: Underground 2"
  • Jere from Calgary, CanadaThe date should be 2005, not 1998.
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