No One Knows

Album: Songs For The Deaf (2002)
Charted: 15 51
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  • The title of this song accurately describes what it's about. "It's a mystery" Josh Homme told MTV when the song was released. "No one knows."

    He did let on that writing songs is a catharsis for the band, so it's possible he'll sing about it but not talk about it.
  • The main riff of this song was originally used by Josh Homme on a song for his side project The Desert Sessions called "Cold Sore Superstars." This was found on The Desert Sessions Volumes 7 & 8, along with the song "Hanging Tree," which was also re-recorded as a Queens Of The Stone Age song.
  • This was Queens of the Stone Age's first hit song. It reached #1 on the US Modern Rock Charts.
  • Dave Grohl, the former drummer of Nirvana and frontman of the Foo Fighters, played drums on this song as well as the entire Songs For The Deaf album. He also toured with the band.
  • This song was featured in several video games, including Guitar Hero, which allowed games to play along with this song using a guitar-shaped controller. >>
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    Bert - Pueblo, NM, for above 3
  • Dave Grohl became the first person to hold the #1 spot on the Modern Rock chart as a member of three different groups when "No One Knows" reached the summit. He'd previously topped the tally with Nirvana and Foo Fighters.
  • Josh Homme is a big Björk fan, so he sought director Michel Gondry, who helmed many of her music videos (including her debut "Human Behaviour") for the "No One Knows" video. In the clip, co-directed by Dean Karr, the band accidentally hits a deer with their truck and the deer, in turn, attacks them.
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Comments: 8

  • Reggev from Misgav, IsraelIt's on Rock Band 3 too
  • Captain D from Cincinnati, OhDave does rock it out in the song...
  • Steve from New York, NyAmazing song. Dave Grohl pretty much goes note for note with the guitar part, which is amazing.
  • Amelia from Modesto, CaWhoo Dave Grohl is LOVE
  • Siedha from East Orange, Nji first heard this song on Guitar Hero 1
    i could never beat it... so i downloaded it so that i could finally hear the whole songs without the crowd booing at my mistakes lol
  • Ryan from Marlborough, MaI am not to sure but it seems like the song is about some sort of hard drug. Its experence and the downfall of this drug, most likly a pychodelic. or maybe the song has a deeper meaning, i don't know.
  • Kyle from Cardiff, WalesDave grohl....Is my hero!! Lol
    QOTSA = amazing =]
  • Damon from Miami, FlWhat a song! What a drum solo! Dave Grohl RULES!!!
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